three things to know about Justine Dubois, the Miss Poitou-Charentes candidate

    three things to know about Justine Dubois, the Miss Poitou-Charentes candidate

    Justine Dubois, 24 years old, 1.74 m, from Angoulême, will represent Poitou-Charentes during the Miss France 2021 competition, this Saturday, December 19 at Puy du Fou.

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    Her sister has already applied to become Miss

    The young Angoumoisine indeed won on August 29, during the regional selection in Anglet, thus following in the footsteps of her big sister Mégane Dubois who presented herself in 2017 but had not been selected. “Without her, I wouldn’t be here today”, she confides to “Sud Ouest”. “It’s a bit as if we had realized this dream together”, she testifies in the magazine of the City of Angoulême. With the agglomeration of Grand-Angoulême, the City is leading a real support campaign, widely relayed on social social networks.

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    She fights against street harassment

    The young student, who is completing a master’s 2 in International Purchasing to work in haute couture, strongly supports the fight against street harassment of which she herself was a victim. “I even set up an exhibition (‘Did you see how she was dressed?’) Which went quite well but that I had to put on hiatus to finish my studies,” she told “Sud Ouest”. A way for her to denounce these attacks, rapes, words and unacceptable behavior and to help try to change mentalities.

    Justine poses in front of the painted wall BD Yslaire, on Saint-André square, one of those favorite places in Angoulême

    Proud of her city Angoulême

    We also discover it in the questionnaire of “Proust revisited” of the communities of Angoulême. In Charente, we obviously don’t blame her for not being “a comic strip fan”, because Justine Dubois is proud that “her city” (Angoulême) is now recognized as a Creative City by Unesco. She even poses in front of the magnificent wall painted by Yslaire, one of her three favorite places in the city of ramparts.When asked what are the three causes that are most important to her, she answers tit for tat: I find totally unfair to defend only one or three causes and so I decided to put forward each association so that people can have the choice and let themselves be “influenced” by a cause that will affect them. But I will support and always put forward the place of women in our society. ”

    Finally, Justine Dubois will wear a regional dress on election day made by a Toulouse stylist. It is to be discovered in the official clip of the organization Miss France, shot in Royan.

    three things to know about Justine Dubois, the Miss Poitou-Charentes candidate

    In the gardens of Angouême Town Hall

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