Three tips on how to learn to manage their emotions

Три совета, как научиться управлять своими эмоциями

About emotional intelligence are saying a lot. This is not surprising because emotions have a great power, capable of both help and hurt people. Psychologists say that bad emotions don’t happen, just the person is not responding properly to a particular situation. Three useful tips on how to learn to manage their emotions.
1. Feel your emotions

Say a child that screaming and crying does not solve anything, therefore it is not necessary to show these emotions. But, in fact, to let go of the situation must live the emotion. And the denial of any emotions, on the contrary, can drive a person even more despair and even depression.

You must accept the fact that if you accept your feelings, you will find it easier to learn how to manage them.

2. Evaluate your emotions from the

Many thoughts and emotions arise in our mind like lightning, as a reaction to anything. It is important to learn to take a small pause to look at the situation and analyze why it causes you such feelings. It often happens that certain emotions appear quite another. For example, you have trouble at work, you feel unwell or just not enough sleep and then you come up and you just explode.

It is therefore very important to look at the situation and their emotions in order to properly manage it.

3. Don’t blame yourself

Often, impulsive showing their emotions, one begins to analyze them and to accuse him of misconduct. To avoid this, it is important to learn to manage their emotions, pausing and analyzing. But don’t beat yourself up, this only further confuse you and will drive to a standstill.

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