three years in prison for an incestuous grandfather

    three years in prison for an incestuous grandfather

    It all started with a message between the pre-adolescent girl and her grandfather that the girl’s mother discovered on her computer in early 2013. The facts took place from 2010 to 2012, but the investigation is long because the retiree then lives in the United States and does not respond to summons from justice. He was finally extradited and spent more than a year in prison until last November. Prosecuted for incestuous sexual assault and corruption of a minor, the former soldier who resides in Finistère was tried this Thursday by the criminal court of Saint-Nazaire.

    Evokes amnesia

    Hunched over, walking painfully, in front of the court, the defendant plays the card of amnesia or even accuses his granddaughter of being a liar, before timidly admitting that he has no excuse. In the pre-teen girl’s computer, investigators discovered about thirty pages of sexually-oriented exchanges between the former soldier who was living in the United States at the time and his granddaughter.; there are messages where he says he is her man, talks about fellatio, sends him pictures of him naked and asks the teenager to do the same. When he comes to France, on several occasions, they are touching the young girl, to whom he says “it’s our secret”.

    Incestuous relations with his sister and his sons

    Secrets, the old man has a lot because the investigation reveals that the septuagenarian has been raging for about fifty years. He attacked several generations of his family but no one ever denounced him. Her own sister suffered incestuous relations as well as her three sons including the father of the pre-teenager who declared during the filing of the complaint, “I realize that my own father has not changed”. These facts are prescribed today and on several occasions the former soldier evoked a “family conspiracy”. These incestuous relationships shook the whole family. The teenager, very marked, no longer sees her father, she is angry with him for not having protected him from this incestuous grandfather. Her parents divorced. As for the great aunt, she says “think about it every day and always feel uneasy”.

    The defendant was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment, including 12 months with a probationary suspension of two years., prohibition to come into contact with the victim and to travel to Loire-Atlantique, obligation of psychiatric care and registration in the Fijais file (File of perpetrators of sexual or violent offenses). The prosecutor had requested a warrant of committal considering “that he is dangerous despite his advanced age”.

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