Thrown out the window, a 2-year-old miraculously survives a 10-story fall

    Thrown out the window, a 2-year-old miraculously survives a 10-story fall

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    A 2-year-old girl was thrown out the window and fell 10 floors in Montrouge (Hauts-de-Seine) on New Year’s Eve. This gesture, which could have cost the life of this child, is that of a 17-year-old girl who suffers from a mental imbalance.

    It took a real miracle to prevent this two-year-old girl from losing her life. She survived a fall of 10 stories and should have no after-effects explains The Parisian. The drama occurred on New Year’s Eve, in an apartment on rue du 11-Novembre in Montrouge.

    The little girl’s parents had invited a couple of friends whose daughter is 17 years old. The latter suffers from a severe mental and psychomotor imbalance. During the evening, she suddenly grabbed the girl and threw her out the window. The child landed on bushes which cushioned his fall, avoiding a terrible tragedy.

    The look of the man who sexually assaulted her

    The teenager was arrested and taken into police custody. Faced with investigators, she admitted the facts and explained that she had seen in the eyes of the girl, that of the man who sexually assaulted her three years ago. The latter, aged 59, who was responsible for accompanying the teenager to a care establishment, was sentenced on Monday by the Nanterre correctional court, explain our colleagues.

    The trial took place a few weeks ago. The 50-year-old received a three-year probationary sentence in this case.

    While the Respondent was in custody, a psychiatrist determined that her judgment was abolished when she threw the girl out of the window. She will soon be the subject of a psychiatric expertise which will determine whether or not she can be held responsible for her actions, and therefore judged. For now, she has been released. A judicial investigation should be opened soon in this case.

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