Thunder for the APU: a well-known expert said about the new powerful weapon of Ukraine

Гром для ВСУ: известный эксперт рассказал о новом мощном оружии Украины

The latest development of Ukrainian CB “South” – control system “Thunder-2”, will initiate the project IT artillery for the APU. The first prototype was shown at the Kiev exhibition “Arms and security-2019”.

Details about the new Ukrainian defense industry said the Director of information and consulting company Defense Express Serhiy Zgurets. He said that the performance “Thunder-2”, unfortunately, gone unnoticed.

“It is a system that is part of the project of IT-artillery. This software is able to convert separate system lesions in the shock-reconnaissance systems. This trend is already developing, but I hope that will develop more actively,” – said the expert.

At the same time, focused Zgurets, an important question is whether the new leadership of Ukraine and the Ministry of defence as soon as possible to implement similar practices.

“There are processes associated with the formation of a new defence review. In November, we should have it. The new defense review called new threats and challenges. On the basis of the new threats, we must change the state program of development of arms and to form a new image of the armed forces. However, these new realities will be formulated later than will be converted into the new budget,” – said the expert.

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