Thunderstorm and strong wind are waiting for Muscovites on Sunday

Гроза и сильный ветер ждут москвичей в воскресенье

Sunday, may 26, in the Metropolitan region are expected thunderstorms and wind gusts of which can reach 17 meters per second, according to the official website of the hydrometeorological center.

The temperature will rise to 24 degrees. While expected to be cloudy with clearings weather, with occasional rain. Pressure drops to 739 mm Hg.

Informed of EMERCOM of Russia for the city of Moscow issued an emergency warning of adverse meteorological phenomena in connection with the projected storm. It is valid until 11 a.m. on may 26.

Rescuers are advised in the case of weather, drivers significantly reduce the speed and increase the distance from vehicles in front, not to Park near trees and poorly fortified structures. Pedestrians are advised to bypass the billboards and shaky construction and does not take shelter under trees.