Tiberghien: how to protect yourself from scams in the Internet

Кибергигиена: как уберечь себя от мошенников в интернете

Experts of the centre for digital expertise Roskoshestvo shared with users a set of rules digital hygiene that will help to protect them from computer viruses and data leakage. Recommendations were listed on the organization’s website.

According to the Analytical center of the National Agency for financial studies (NAFI) in 2018, only a third of Russian users uses the backup data. However, this measure allows not only to escape from hacker attacks, but also to restore all the necessary files and settings after a crash the device, in this connection experts suggest to make regular “backup”.

The second rule of cyber security is quite simple – use the antivirus. These programs will help to clean your computer from malware, and will warn the user about the infected sites and materials.

In addition, experts strongly recommend under no conditions to enter usernames and passwords of accounts for suspicious sites. Otherwise, they will fall into the wrong hands.

It is equally important to set a password to enter the system and put the computer to sleep in between work.

Experts advise not to use the same password for different resources. This will help to minimize the damage in case of hacking by fraudsters. Should also be long and complex passwords, which must be large and small letters, various symbols and numbers. For extra protection you can set user identification using mobile phone number.

It is not necessary to click on suspicious links in emails and messages in social networks and SMS. Thus attackers can steal data or infect your computer with a virus.

In addition, experts recommend not to install “pirated” programs, and not to connect to public Wi-Fi without protection.