TikTok: Trump talks about deal including Oracle and Walmart

TikTok: Trump talks about deal including Oracle and Walmart

WASHINGTON | US President Donald Trump, on the eve of the entry into force of sanctions against TikTok on American soil, spoke on Saturday of a possible “fantastic” agreement with Oracle and Walmart for the management of the activities of the application in the United States. United.

“I gave my approval to the deal. If they make it happen, so much the better. If not, that will be fine too, ”said the Republican president, before flying off to a campaign meeting in North Carolina.

The tenant of the White House has been claiming for weeks that TikTok, whose parent company is the Chinese company ByteDance, is spying on behalf of Beijing, without having made any evidence public.

At the beginning of August, he issued a decree giving ByteDance until September 20, ie Sunday, to cede TikTok's activities on American soil to a company “made in US”.

The app, which allows short videos to be delivered and is very popular with young people, has some 100 million users in the United States.

Donald Trump did not give details on Saturday on how the agreement between TikTok, Oracle and Walmart would be made, but indicated that “security will be 100%” and that companies will use “separate servers” .

The agreement also provides, according to the president, the hiring of “at least 25,000 people” in the United States and the creation of a head office in Texas for a company “which will have nothing to do with China” , but will continue to be called TikTok.

The companies involved will also make “a donation of about $ 5 billion” for “the education of young Americans,” added the US president, who had insisted that the government be paid for having authorized the agreement.

TikTok, Walmart and Oracle did not immediately respond to AFP's requests.

On Friday, the US administration announced that it would ban downloading TikTok in the United States from Sunday.

Washington, however, had left a door open to the application by leaving it until November 12 before completely prohibiting him from operating on its soil.

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