TikTok turns to US justice to avoid ban

TikTok turns to US justice to avoid ban

NEW YORK | TikTok on Thursday asked a U.S. judge to suspend an executive order from the Trump administration that plans to ban downloading of the app in the United States from Sunday.

In a motion filed in a Washington district court, the social network, a subsidiary of the Chinese company ByteDance, claims that such a ban would not comply with the Constitution of the United States.

A hearing is scheduled for Thursday in a federal court in Washington.

The US Department of Commerce announced on Saturday that it was postponing until at least September 27 (instead of September 20) the ban on downloading in the United States the popular application, a subsidiary of the Chinese company ByteDance.

A complete ban on operating on American soil could come into effect from November 12.

To escape it, Donald Trump demanded that TikTok bring its activities in the United States under American control.

“If the bans are not suspended, the damage to the plaintiffs will be irreparable,” TikTok writes in the court document.

The app particularly challenges the notion that the Trump administration's measure is based on fears for US national security.

The tenant of the White House has indeed repeatedly accused TikTok of spying for the benefit of China through the collection of data from its users, which the social network denies.

“As unclear and contradictory statements by the president and other officials in recent months have proven, the bans were not motivated by genuine national security concerns, but rather by political considerations related to the general elections in come, ”says TikTok.

The platform had already initiated legal proceedings in late August in California to challenge the ban decree.

The TikTok saga in the United States has seen many upheavals in recent weeks.

The app confirmed last Saturday a plan to create a new company involving Oracle as a technology partner in the United States and Walmart as a business partner.

Called TikTok Global, it plans to acquire a stake of 12.5% from Oracle and 7.5% from Walmart. The Americans would hold four of the five seats on the board.

But Donald Trump hammered on Monday that he would not give his approval if the new group remained under Chinese control while claiming that Oracle and Walmart would own the majority of the new group.

ByteDance, which includes US investors, called the information “false rumors.”

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