TikTok unlocked $ 200 million to pay its stars

TikTok débloque 200 millions de dollars pour payer ses vedettes

San Francisco TikTok will pay directly some of the creators renamed its video platform, lightweight, artistic, or humorous, the popularity of which has exploded in the favour of the containment during the pandemic.

The social network used by young has announced the creation of a u.s. fund with $ 200 million, an amount that will increase.

This fund will soon distribute money to creators and influencers. To apply, they will need to be aged 18 years and older, have a minimum number of subscribers to their profile, and regularly post videos that comply to the rules of the platform.

“Our designers will be able to generate additional revenues that will reward the care and the passion that they put into the creation of original links with their audience,” said TikTok.

Attract and keep designers has become a major challenge for the social networks that compete for the attention of the users.

YouTube allows creators to have reached certain thresholds (number of subscribers and hours of broadcast, in particular) to deliver advertising to monetize their videos.

The Google-owned may also enter into agreements with celebrities, as the Swedish PewDiePie, who broadcasts its live video exclusively on YouTube.

TikTok worked so far, rather on the model of Instagram : the creators can place their promoted videos on their channel, but there was no program of direct compensation of this scale.

The social network has not said how many people would be eligible or how much money they would receive.

But this decision should help to strengthen links with the creators whose fame now exceeds the application. Many of them have signed partnerships, advertising and ended up on the covers of magazines.

TikTok belongs to the chinese group ByteDance and has nearly a billion users.

The application could become a company independent of its parent to escape the threat of a ban by Washington on suspicion of spying for the chinese government.

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