Time: to learn and to learn – and that’s when the Pro-Western Democrats will win not only in local elections in Hong Kong

Time: учиться и учиться - и вот тогда прозападные демократы победят не только на местных выборах в Гонконге

Sunday in local elections in Hong Kong won a landslide victory of the Pro-democracy party. Many saw this victory is a reflection of public sentiment and support of anti-government protests that take place in this city since June.A record number of voters to defend the long queue that began to form near the polling stations under the supervision of police from half-past six in the morning. People massively went to select members of the district councils. As of Monday evening, 17 of the 18 districts won by Pro-democracy candidates, as reported by local media. Previously, the power belonged to prophetischen parties.District councils are lower levels of political power (they are responsible for the decision of questions of local character, for example, garbage collection and public transport). But the elections they are held in a fully democratic way. This distinguishes them from the legislative elections, which determined the identity of only half of the seats in the legislature of Hong Kong. This differs from the election of the leader of the entire territory of Hong Kong, which is determined by the electoral College in the amount of 1 200 people. Because of this, elections to district councils to acquire greater political significance, especially given the months-long unrest.”They clearly indicate that society rejects administration Carrie Lam, — said the correspondent of “Time” adjunct Professor, Hong Kong center for Chinese studies, Willy Lam (Willy Lam). — It seems to me quite possible that such results will force Beijing to urgently find a replacement for Carrie Lam, because it enjoys neither the authority nor trust.”Protesters in Hong Kong has submitted to the government five claims, with the consent of only one of them is to repeal the law of extradition came from “mainland” China criminals back to China. This law marked the beginning of the protest movement. According to Professor Lama, the results of the elections will give strength to the protesters, and they will begin to pursue the rest of their claims. Among them — the excuse of thousands arrested today during the protests and the resignation of Lam. (Beijing stubbornly continues to maintain Lam, although there were media reports that he plans to remove her from office.)”They are waiting for concessions from Beijing, but Beijing is not ready to go,” said Professor Lam.On Monday, the head of administration of Hong Kong issued a statement in which he acknowledged that the voting results can be attributed to “dissatisfaction with the current situation and deep-rooted problems in society.”The Hong Kong government to listen carefully to public opinion and seriously think,” said Lam in a statement.Some politicians from among the supporters of Beijing explained its defeat by the riots. “Our campaign has made a serious confusion, our headquarters was destroyed, our election materials destroyed,” — said at a press conference the Chairman of the largest party propakistani Hong Kong, Starry Lee (aura Lee).Protesters welcomed the elections and called them a victory for their movement. However, this hardly suggests that society approves of the actions of the protesters, who after the death of one young demonstrator 8 Nov increasingly resort to violence.In recent weeks, bankers and lawyers at lunch time organize demonstrations against the police for the protection of public order in the financial district and the students barricaded themselves in two campuses, leading battles with the police medieval weapons: bows and arrows, slings and Molotov cocktails. Protesters also set fire to one man, and killed an elderly passerby, hitting him with a brick during a street battle with the police.”Protesters win a moral victory, said Professor Lam. Now they believe that they have received a mandate from the people of Hong Kong. But at this stage this victory does not mean that voters support the radicals.”Other analysts say that the democratic camp that the victory will be able to appoint 117 1 200 electors, deciding who will be the next head of the city administration — this camp will face many challenges.”This gives them a huge political liability, and they may not meet their obligations for all hundred percent, — has told “Time” senior lecturer of the Department of public policy city University Cheung Chor Yong (Cheung Chor-yung). — Many candidates do not have any political experience, and they have a very quick study.”And even if the new members of district councils will be able to overcome lack of experience, he continued, this does not mean that they will be able to put an end to serious for many years a political crisis.”It is a campaign without leaders, noted Cheung. — It is impossible to distinguish political leaders. And how in such conditions it is possible to work with the democratic party mainstream?”

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