Time to notice to be saved: main characteristics of cervical cancer

Вовремя заметить, чтобы спастись: главные признаки рака шейки матки

Cervical cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases for women. If time does not seek medical not begin treatment, it can lead to death. However, at an early stage of development of the disease it is possible to get rid of. The main thing — time to find it!
The main causative agent of cervical cancer is the human papilloma virus. It can be transmitted sexually and in other ways. However, even the presence in the body cells of this virus does not always indicate the early appearance of cervical cancer. The reason is that not all types of HPV are the causative agents of this disease.

Also, besides the virus, the presence of a disease may show other signs. If you see any of them as soon as possible to go to the doctor. The main thing is to identify the disease at an early stage of its development. This will allow time to cure her.

Signs of cervical cancer

On the walls of the cervix do not appear characteristic of this body of education

Over time they can dry out or burst. Such processes give rise to heavy bleeding and the woman feels pain in the pelvic region.+

On the uterus or its cervix are formed for these atypical bodies warts

Often it indicates the development of HIV in the body, which in turn, may indicate the presence of such disease as cancer of the cervix.+

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Such processes mean that from the womb come out malignant cells. This feature is one of the most characteristic in cancer of the cervix.

Constant fatigue

If you do nothing special during the day do, but at the same time feel tired, and appetite is completely gone — you may start to develop anemia. This, in turn, is one of the indirect signs of cervical cancer.+

Quick weight loss

In cancer of the cervix, the stomach begins to shrink and shrink in size. Therefore, even with good appetite weight will decrease. It is a signal that you should immediately run to the gynecologist.+

The compression of the kidneys and bladder

As a result, you can not timely and in full amount to go to the toilet. This characteristic also indicates the potential emergence and development of the considered diseases.

Constant pain in the hips and back

Due to the fact that the blood vessels in the development of cervical cancer are decreasing. As a consequence, the blood circulates poorly.+

Of course, many of these signs are secondary. However, to prevent disease, you should try to observe the rules of hygiene during class exam. And at least a couple times a year to visit the gynecologist’s office. Watch your health and be healthy!

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