Times: Egypt’s President sends his son to Moscow to strengthen ties with Russia

Times: президент Египта отправляет своего сына в Москву для укрепления связей с Россией

Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi intends to send his son to Russia as a military attaché, writes The Times, citing Egyptian publication Mada Masr. According to British newspaper, the step of Cairo — another sign of the growing influence of Vladimir Putin in the middle East.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi sends his son to Moscow as a military attaché to strengthen ties with Vladimir Putin, reports The Times, citing Egyptian publication Mada Masr. This, as pointed out by the British newspaper, another sign of the growing influence of the Russian leader in the middle East.Mahmud al-Sisi — Brigadier General from a key post in the Service of the General intelligence. In this Department he was involved in the decision of questions for his father. However, as they say, he blew it with part of the security forces, which has been partly responsible for his appointment to Moscow.According to The Times, its translation in the Russian capital will enable him to achieve one of the main goals of his father — diversification alliances with the simultaneous departure from the United States.A new assignment not only eliminates the source of increasing discontent in the exploration, but also serves as a preparation Mahmud al-Sisi to translate in the future into more important positions, although there is no indication that he would succeed his father as head of state, the article notes.Meanwhile, the Egyptian President continues to send signals to its proximity with Russia and, in particular, its preference of “Putin’s authoritarian style of leadership uncertainty caused by the changing of the middle East policy of America.”Egypt and its military leadership still extremely dissatisfied with the fact that the US has not sided with the former head of state Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising in 2011, the newspaper reminds.

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