Times: France will face a “winter of discontent” due to the General strikes

Times: Францию ожидает «зима недовольства» из-за всеобщих забастовок

The French rail workers Union plans to hold a mass strike against pension reform, which is proposed by Emmanuel macron, writes The Times. Despite the fact that they are going to join teachers, health workers, employees of airlines and airports, and postal employees, the government still insists on the abolition of the “special regimes” and according to only a small reprieve until 2025, after which the changes will take effect.

France expects “awinter of public discontent“: on Thursday, the employees of the rail service are preparing to go on strike against the plans of Emmanuel Macron to stop their pension benefits, reports The Times. Cancelled dozens of flights between London and Paris. It is expected that the demonstrations paralysing the operation of buses and the metro in the French capital. Also protests must join teachers, health workers, employees of the ground service of airlines, airports managers, and postal workers.The head of the oldest and largest trade Union of France, “the General Confederation of labour,” Philippe Martinez stated that the strike will be “massive” in nature. According to him, the reason is not only the preservation of the rights of certain professional groups: “the President is trying to divide the French, but the reform applies to everyone.”As says the publication, it is unknown how long the protests — according to preliminary data, at least four days. It is reported that the state rail company SNCF plans to suppress the strike with the help of elite and highly paid drivers, however, assume that the flight will be only a small number of trains. One of the railway unions threatened to organize a “black December” with the protests before Christmas.The budget of the state pension Fund France — one of the highest in the world and accounts for 14% of production volumes, which is two times higher than in the UK. The British newspaper reminds that the strike called action Rules for the execution of his campaign promise to unite the 42 pension schemes into a single point system that would give all working people the same rights. Trying not to provoke further outrage, the government did not change the age of retirement (62 years), however, would reduce the benefits for those who stop work to 64 years, and raise payments to those who continue to work.Against such changes are railway servants, and other, mostly government employees that take advantage of the “special regime” with retirement a decade earlier and higher payments. So, for seafarers preserved the system adopted in 1673 during the reign of Louis XIV: they have the right to retire after 52.5 years, if you had to serve 37.5 years. Similar benefits to singers, dancers and other staff of the Paris national Opera, which went on strike in September.It is noted that the macron seems to have no intention to change their plans — at least not yet. As stated by Prime Minister Edward Philip, the government is determined to destroy the “special modes,” because “the system of corporate solidarity, more the and created inequality.”However, before the threat of strikes by other trade unions the government is ready to compromise between “immediate and grave transition”, which under the reforms will be born after 1963, and delay its introduction until 2025. However, stated in the article, such concessions are unlikely to satisfy the railroad, whose long-term influence allowed them to hold on to privileges inherited a heavy price. In addition, nedovolstvo Express lawyers and commanders, whose well-established and Autonomous pension accrual will disappear into the General pot.This year, macron diluted stringent measures some compromise agreements to end protests, “yellow jackets” against rising oil prices. Now, he faces problems in other areas, according to The Times, on Wednesday, hundreds of farmers arrived on their tractors into the centre of Paris and scattered straw along the Champs Elysees in sign of dissatisfaction with government decrees that threaten their existence, last month took to the streets, employees of hospitals experiencing problems with financing. They plan to organize a new protest on December 17.

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