Times: Germans rebuff the U.S. and seek closer ties with Russia

Times: немцы дают отпор США и ищут более тесных связей с Россией

Berlin — more and more Germans support strengthening ties with Russia and China than with Britain and the United States. These data, obtained on the basis of the surveys, was published a few days before the NATO summit in Hertfordshire.A senior French official involved in national security issues, said that NATO is in political crisis because of differences over the strategy against Russia, and also due to the hostile rhetoric of the President of trump in Europe.The invasion of Turkey in Northern Syria, despite the condemnation of the West, the controversy over military expenditures, and increasing openness to China of such member countries as Germany and Hungary made a split in the ranks of NATO.European capitals fear that will be isolated and vulnerable and all this comes amid growing doubts about America’s desire to protect them in the event of an attack. Relations between the United States and Germany has deteriorated significantly this week because of a dispute about the “pigeon” Berlin’s policy toward China.Weakening of the ties between the two countries was noted in the study published yesterday, which stated that only 22% of Germans go to stay under the protection of American nuclear weapons, while 40% of the population would prefer to be protected by nuclear arsenals of Britain and France.For closer relations with Russia are the 66% of Germans, for a closer relationship with China — 60%, 50% — for closer relations with Britain and 50% for closer relations with the United States. This survey, which was attended by 1,000 people, was conducted by specialists of the research center Fund Cerberus (Körber Foundation).Next week, NATO will hold a meeting at the “grove” (Grove Hotel) in the suburb of Watford, where they will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Alliance.NATO’s cohesion is tested today by Turkey, which, as it became known, opposed the plans for defending Poland and the Baltic States, and it will continue as long as other NATO members do not recognize the people’s protection Units fighting in Syria the Kurdish militia, a terrorist group. “(The Turks) take the hostages of the Europeans, to block approval of military planning and demand concessions,” said one diplomat in conversation with the correspondent of news Agency Reuters.In addition, there are deep differences on the question of strategy. The President of France macron, who recently declared “brain death” NATO in favor of closer ties with Russia, and for creating a more powerful European army. Germany and Norway are determined to keep NATO around in its current form.American officials insist that Washington remains on the Board, while Mr. trump and demands from its allies more significant contribution.Yesterday Alice Gitton (Alice Guitton), Director General for international relations of the French Ministry of defense, said that NATO as an organization is not dead, but it is a lot of controversy, and there is no collective will to act. “From a military point of view, it works well enough, — she said, speaking at the Berlin security conference. But she is also experiencing a political crisis.”General Philip Breedlove (Philip Breedlove), former commander of American forces in Europe, urged America’s allies not to risk it and not allow Russia and China to weaken the Alliance. Solidarity, he said, is “not a gift”, and “something we must fight every day.”

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