Times: in Rome for the fight against crime want to send troops

To combat the crime wave the city Council of Rome can deploy on the southern outskirts of the capital forces, writes The Times. The proposal was made by the head of security, who believes that this will help residents feel safer, and tis also a challenge will let the police and the carabinieri focus on investigative work.

Times: в Рим для борьбы с преступностью хотят ввести войска

ReutersНачальник security Council the Rome Marco Cardilli urged the government to send on the southern outskirts of the city the army in response to a series of violent crimes, reports The Times.

As says the publication, Cardilli said that the soldiers of the Sassari brigade on the island of Sardinia, which recently instructed to protect the Roma settlement from the burning can be deployed to calm the population. According to him, “need tighter control” and as “already many times said the mayor,” “we need to strengthen the presence of security forces.” “Permanent positions with the military will help residents to feel safer, although the operational-investigative actions, of course, remain of fundamental importance,” — said the head of the security services. The official representative of the city Council, Gennaro Barbieri stated that the proposal will be presented at the meeting of the Committee on 15 November, but the number of soldiers and the details endorsed by the government. The official said: “In some places, criminal organizations are particularly active, so we need to send a signal.” According to the British newspaper, “operation Safe streets”, which began in 2008, across the country, placed 7 thousand military. They protect dangerous areas from potential terrorist attacks, allowing the police and the carabinieri focus on investigative work. The last crime that shocked the residents of the troubled southern outskirts of Rome, occurred on Tuesday evening. It tells The Times, two men wearing motorcycle helmets, brandishing the guns, tried to Rob a bar Caffè Europeo and tobacco kiosk in a quarter of Cinecittà. The bar’s owner, 56-year-old Chinese Zhou Chaokun, came into the fight with one of the men, who began to shoot randomly and accidentally killed his accomplice. Joe was wounded in the leg and a suspected robber Roberto Antonelli 59 wounded one of the witnesses of the attack. As he explained to the newspaper Il Messaggero, his action was dictated not by courage but by fear of what could happen to his wife, a bar owner and his family. “So I did what I could, and put the robber chopping technique of karate,” explained the unnamed witness remaining. Surveillance cameras show that one of the women helped keep the unarmed perp on the floor until the police arrive. The British newspaper revealed that the dead man was 69-year-old Ennio Proetti, a professional criminal, associated with the infamous Banda della Magliana. One day, Proetti was sentenced to 30 years in prison for kidnapping. In addition, he was a member of the group, which in 1981 seized the coffee magnate Giovanni Palombini, kept his corpse in the fridge and sent photos of the family with a ransom demand. In April of this year in the same area, after a bout of drug dealers, two men were wounded in the leg in August, a drug dealer shot in the Park, and last month at the bar a man was killed. Vittorio Contarina, Chairman of the Association of pharmacists of Rome, told the newspaper that members of his organization often become the targets of two of its pharmacies 29 and attacked 10 times. According to the testimony Contarina, daytime robberies decreased after the Association has installed about 500 cameras around their institutions, but increased the number of night attacks. According to the pharmacist, often criminals make their way from the neighbouring land and sometimes throw up automatic cash registers to open them later. “Almost all the robbers armed with guns and sometimes huge knives, — said Vittorio Contarina The Times. Often it’s not professionals, and drug addicts, so scary when someone takes you at the barrel of the gun with a trembling hand”.

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