Times: more and more Germans are choosing friendship with Russia instead of the US

As shown in the survey results, which were published on the eve of the NATO summit, in recent years the number of Germans supporting the strengthening of ties with Russia and China becoming more and more. And this is happening against the backdrop of deteriorating relations with great Britain and the United States, as well as deepening divisions within NATO, The Times noted.

Times: всё больше немцев выбирают дружбу с Россией вместо США

ReutersНа next week, NATO will hold a meeting in a suburb of Watford, where they will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Alliance. But the results conducted in Germany on the eve of the poll, which was published a few days before the NATO summit demonstrated that more and more Germans support strengthening of relations with Russia and China and not UK and USA. This is due to the fears of Europeans who do not believe that America will indeed be ready to protect them in the event of a serious military conflict, and fear of being isolated, writes The Times.
According to an unnamed senior French official involved in national security issues, NATO is now facing a serious crisis due to the differences in the positions of various countries regarding the strategy towards Russia, and also due to the hostile rhetoric of the U.S. President Donald trump in Europe. The split in the ranks of NATO further exacerbate disputes over military spending, Turkey’s military actions in Syria, contrary to the opinion of other Western countries, and increasing openness to China from Germany and Hungary, in contrast to other countries of the Alliance, noted in the article. In particular, the relationship between the United States and Germany has deteriorated further this week because of the dispute over Berlin policy toward China. Weakening of the ties between the two countries was highlighted in the recently published study, reports The Times. Public opinion polls in Germany showed that only 22% of Germans would like to stay under the protection of American nuclear weapons, while 40% of the population would prefer to defend themselves with nuclear arsenals of Britain and France, the article says. At the same time for closer relations with Russia were 66% of Germans, and for a closer relationship with China — 60%. Meanwhile, for the strengthening of relations with Britain and the United States spoke only half of the respondents, The Times noted. NATO’s cohesion is tested today the strength and Turkey, whose representatives, as it became known, opposed the plans for defending Poland and the Baltic States. “(The Turks) take the hostages of the Europeans, to block approval of military planning and demand concessions,” said an unnamed European diplomat, The Times reports. In addition, within the Alliance there are deep differences on the question of strategy. The President of France Emmanuel macron, who recently declared “brain death” NATO in favor of closer ties with Russia, and for creating a more powerful European army, while Germany and Norway intend to keep the Alliance around the present form, the article says. Director General for international relations of the French Ministry of defense, ALIS Gitton said that NATO as an organization is not dead, but it is a lot of controversy, and there is no collective will to act. “From a military point of view, it works well enough. However, it is also experiencing a political crisis,” she said, speaking at the Berlin security conference. While General Philip Breedlove, the former commander of American forces in Europe, urged America’s allies not to risk it and not allow Russia and China to weaken the Alliance. Solidarity, in his opinion — is not present, and “something we have to fight every day,” the paper reported.

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