Times: the United States accused Iran in preparation for a quick nuclear breakthrough

Times: США обвинили Иран в подготовке к быстрому ядерному прорыву

Iran once again refused from obligations taken within the framework of the nuclear deal in 2015, which last year left the US, writes The Times. Meanwhile, us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo accused the Iranian authorities in preparation for a quick nuclear breakout.

The United States accused Iran in preparation for a rapid dash towards nuclear weapons after the government of Iran has renewed work of the underground facility for enriching nuclear fuel at Fordow, which previously were canned as part of the transaction in 2015, writes The Times.International inspectors have witnessed how Iran has started the enrichment of uranium, thereby suspending compliance with obligations not to engage in the factory Fardo any activities in the nuclear field.Thus, Tehran has started production of uranium enriched to 4.5%. This is enough to produce electricity, but this is not the 90% that are needed to generate weapons fuel.Since last year, the President of the United States Donald trump is out of the nuclear deal in 2015, Iran for the fifth time refuses its obligations under this agreement. The current step was the most significant deviation from agreements, specifies The Times.Earlier, the Iranian authorities have promised that twice a month they will waive one of the obligations and this will continue until, until you have recovered relief on the sanctions that operated up to the time the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal.In the course of events on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has condemned the current step of Tehran.”The expansion of Iran’s activities related to the proliferation (of nuclear weapons. — Inotv) causes concern that fact that Iran is preparing to make a choice in favor of a quick nuclear breakout, he said. — It’s time for all countries to repel nuclear extortion on the part of this regime and to take serious steps to increase the pressure”.

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