Times: Turkey has examined the Russian complexes C-400 on the American F-16

Times: Турция проверила российские комплексы C-400 на американских F-16

Under the Ankara passed the first tests of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400, the purchase of which ruined Turkey’s relations with NATO allies. As educational purposes was organized by the American-made fighters F-16 in operational service with the local air force for 32 years, reports The Times.

Turkey has started to test a newly acquired Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 against U.S.-manufactured F-16 fighters, writes The Times.According to the newspaper, local TV showed fuzzy footage of the first testing of the radar s-400, which began yesterday in the suburbs of Ankara. American combat planes, which are at the service of the Turkish air force for 32 years, was used as training purposes. The city authorities warned residents that in the coming days, the F-16 and other aircraft will fly low to the ground.S-400 was brought into the country in July after nearly three years of negotiations between Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin. As a result, Turkey expelled from NATO for the purchase and training flights on a stealth fighter of new generation F-35.According to Turkish media, the s-400 will be deployed in Ankara and will be fully operational in April 2020. In the summer the deployment of systems has stalled due to the fact that Washington was trying “to return Erdogan in a military operation of the USA”.Washington fears that the s-400 will help Moscow to gather information about Western military technology, including the F-35, “much faster.” Therefore, Turkey’s decision to buy SAM Russia has caused the crisis within the Alliance, especially against the backdrop of confrontation between the two sides “as a cold war-style,” explains The Times.Earlier, Turkey rejected the proposal to buy the U.S. missile system “Patriot” due to restrictions on the transfer of intellectual property. But most of all, relations between the two countries spoiled the developments in Syria, “which is even more pushed Erdogan into the embrace of Putin”, says the publication.Recent Turkish invasion of Northern Syria has forced Donald trump to withdraw from the region by American troops. In the end the government forces of Assad, backed by Russian army occupied the territory, the newspaper reminds.While Erdogan was preparing to attack, trump sent him a letter in which he urged not to imagine himself a “tough guy” and not be “stupid”. Sources in Ankara say that Turkish President threw out this message in the trash.Later Erdogan arrived on a state visit to Washington and, as it seemed, once again found a common language with the trump. American officials said that the deal on the s-400 was the main topic of the talks.But two days after the meeting, the Turkish leader reiterated that he did not intend to part with the Russian systems, even in the case of the purchase of American systems. “We believe that the proposal to acquire only “Patriots” and completely abandon the Russian s-400 interference in our internal Affairs”, — he said.In light of recent events, there is a high probability that the US will impose sanctions against Turkey for the purchase of s-400. Still this idea “remained on the diplomatic back yard” because of the personal friendship of the two leaders and their sons-in-law, emphasizes The Times.

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