Tina Karol commented on the changes in the female half of the planet

Тина Кароль прокомментировала изменения в женской половине планеты

Famous Ukrainian singer Tina Karol (Tatyana Liberman) spoke about the place of women in modern society. His opinion of the star shared in an interview with Belarusian channel CTVBY.

“Women are more active, men they resemble. They have become more powerful, relaxed. And it dictates a society’s dictates of modern business and modern society. And there’s nothing wrong,” — said the singer.

She added that teaching his son to respect women and family.

Tina opened the image of men that she likes.

“I will captivate you with simplicity, will fascinate easy-going, able to do anything by his intellect, his labour. Not bought, but earned,” said the singer.

According to Tina Karol, has developed her artistic destiny.

“Nothing is easy I’ve never been” — said the star.

The singer also spoke about his film “Intonation”, which focuses on the psycho female “I”.

“Film “Tone” – it was the final chord is huge, biggest, most ambitious pop tour, which was filled with ideology as a movie about a psycho female “I”: a woman boss, woman-mother, woman-man, woman-lover, woman-child”, — said the singer.

“These five faces the five intonations live within us, our spiritual task is to develop them simultaneously. With these colors, with these angles and was declared the various conversations, interviews, the questions that you saw in the movie “Intonations”, and created tracks in the album. All come from music,” added singer.

Video: Interview with Tina Karol (YouTube/CTVBY)


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