Tinnitus: causes, treatment, folk remedies

Older people often complain of tinnitus. Under the implied noise and the clink and creak and rustle. The volume of these sounds can range from barely audible to a powerful sound. The permanent, albeit not a very loud noise that prevents a person to work with, hinders communication, disturbs normal sleep.

Шум у вухах: причини, лікування, народні засоби

The causes of tinnitus is Causing the noise in my head often: – emotional tension, food allergies, sulfuric plugs in ears is a reaction to medication, infection of the middle ear, or trauma, cerebrovascular disease, anemia, nerve damage to the ear, Meniere’s disease, diabetes.

In the elderly tinnitus can cause temporary hearing loss and even deafness. Symptoms of tinnitus If you have tinnitus, first try to determine how this symptom is serious. To do this, answer a few questions.

1. Do you have severe pain in the ears, forehead or over the cheekbones, a severe headache, and sudden hearing loss? If the answer to this question is Yes, then immediately consult the doctor, he will put an accurate diagnosis.

2. Do you accept recent aspirin or other medications containing salts of salicylic acid, which is prescribed for arthritis? Is accompanied by ringing in the ears, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, hallucinations? If Yes, call the doctor.

3. Accompanied by tinnitus, unsteadiness when walking, vomiting, dizziness, difficulty with discrimination of speech sounds? If Yes, consult a doctor.

Treatment and folk remedy to tinnitus If you are worried about just tinnitus and some hearing loss, and other symptoms not, then use the methods of self-help.

– Try to stay calm with the help of auditory training, tinnitus is often associated with nervous stress.

– When Intrusive noise in the ears is a very effective method. With the help of radio, create a weak background noise, so that music and speech were barely distinguishable. You can configure the receiver to the wave where there is only a quiet crackle, it will mask the tinnitus, and you will be able to concentrate on reading or work.

– Limit alcohol, caffeine, and aspirin and stop Smoking.

– If the tinnitus is accompanied by hearing loss, it is recommended to take an extract of the plant gingko biloba (tanakan).

– Sometimes when the tinnitus helps tincture of garlic. Three hundred grams of peeled garlic, pour in half-liter bottle of alcohol. Leave for three weeks and take 20 drops, adding them to 1/2 Cup of milk.

– If you tinnitus useful all the exercises that help to improve brain circulation. In the first place it “upside-down” posture (“birch”, headstand, and many yoga asanas). There are exercises that improve blood flow to the organs of hearing. These exercises are very simple, from time to time with a force of swallow saliva to feel in the ears “crunch”. Or force wide open mouth, sharp and often narrow eyes. Such exercises revitalizes the entire auditory system.

– A very useful massage the ears. Several times a day RUB fingers by each ear. Be sure to do this in the morning, not getting out of bed. If the doctor found you have serious diseases that cause tinnitus, do not give this symptom of great value. If you will daily to follow these recommendations, you will be able to keep noise to a minimum, and it will not interfere with communication with others.

Be healthy!

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