Tips from Vasilisa Volodya each sign of the Zodiac for the week of 19 to 25 February

Подсказки от Василисы Володиной каждому знаку Зодиака на неделю с 19 по 25 февраля


Your activity will help you catch your luck by the tail. The week goes well. The only not very favorable day is Thursday, so try not to plan anything important for the day. Do not go on about their emotions, it will help you avoid unnecessary trouble.


The astrologer encourages you to concentrate on the important things. From risky actions, it is better to refuse. After all, your mistakes can take advantage of the ill and harm you. Your efforts and hard work will bring very positive results that will please you for a long time.


Week will be quite favorable. However, the work will cover you with his head. But do not be afraid, because you will be fully rewarded for their efforts. In the personal life of the Astrologer recommends to be tactful not to dwell on the details.


Planning ahead will help you to realize all your plans this week. It will also allow you to avoid mistakes. However, brag about your accomplishments you shouldn’t. So you can get yourself envious. Rejoice in their successes only in a circle of close friends.


All your expectations are met, if you’re not too arrogant with others. Energy of the week will be very stable, so you will find a complete harmony. In cases of workers be progressive and try to avoid unnecessary risks.


The astrologer encourages the Virgins is not particularly share with their plans.So you will be able to achieve greater success. Remember, happiness love peace. Throughout the rest of the week will be quite favorable. Expect good news or a surprise this week.


Weights should be active and communicative skills. However, don’t let anyone to pass on to you their duties and work. Take free time to myself. This will help you to improve and open new opportunities for you. Do not miss them.


This week, the Scorpions will be able to realize all your planned business. The main thing — at the beginning of the week tune in a positive way. Also, you should avoid contact with unpleasant. Their criticism may confuse you.


You will feel a rush of energy. So act boldly, but do not forget about caution. Because enemies are not asleep. However, luck is on your side. Monitor your emotional and physical health. If you feel tired, you better rest.


The astrologer advises all Capricorns to be active. Don’t be afraid to take the job, especially when it comes to some unfinished business. Be yourself. So you open before me a new perspective. The fruits of their work you will reap very soon.


To attract good luck and success in your life Aquarius can with a positive attitude. Pay attention to the signs of the Universe and the advice of friends – they prompt the right direction. Not the time to be lazy, it’s time to shake yourself out of hibernation and move towards their goals.


An astrologer recommends to pay special attention to unfinished business. Do not leave loose ends for the spring. The energy of the planets will be very favorable, so you will be full of strength for new achievements. But do not allow anyone to manipulate you. Learn how to say “no” to such people.

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