To another five-year plan…

Vers un autre plan quinquennal...

BOSTON | At least it clarifies things, this prolonged absence of Shea Weber.

The needle of the race series that you see at the top of these pages will remain in the red. No ” miracle at St. Louis ” on the horizon.

Not that Weber would have changed anything in the background, but at 11 days of the closing date of the exchange, Marc Bergevin can plant her sign “for sale” for good.

You had said even before the start of the season, and it is confirmed : this club, lack of ammunition and will miss the playoffs for a third consecutive season, for the fourth time in five years.

And we are heading towards another five-year plan… misery !

The Canadian will tell us that the injuries have screwed up his chances. But the best teams always find a way to wriggle out of trouble thanks to their succession. The Habs don’t have this luxury and pay for the expensive mistakes in recruitment Trevor Timmins for the past 10 years.

The flair of the Bruins

Bergevin has clogged the holes ” here and there over the years with good small acquisitions (Phillip Danault, Jeff Petry, Nick Suzuki, Tomas Tatar, Ilya Kovalchuk, Max Domi), but the foundations are too chambranlantes.

On the contrary, the Canadian, the Bruins have found beads in the repechage for the last 10 years. As David Pastrnak, still glistening on Wednesday, picked up in 25th place in 2014. Just after the 26th row, the Canadian chose a certain Nikita Scherbak…

Pastrnak had eight goals against the Canadian in four games this season. EIGHT ! And already 41 in total.

Why, in Montreal, did you ever this flair for spotting future stars ? What is expected to make a large household in the recruitment system of the organization ? In the meantime, Claude Julien sees this other season escape him.

“Their best players were their best, it is what has made the difference, he analyzed. From our side, this is not the lack of effort that is involved, but it takes a little bit more to win games. ”

The mood in the locker room was sullen.

The hope of a participation in the series was quite thin. It comes from evaporating.

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