To change mobile operator but keep number – became known, when Ukraine will have this service

In the world service save the mobile numbers appeared in the late 90-ies of the last century

Сменить мобильного оператора но сохранить номер – стало известно, когда в Украине заработает эта услуга

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Ukraine was on the verge of a breakthrough in telecommunications – in the next 2019, it will become possible to preserve their mobile number after switching providers. So, Ukrainians will easily move from one operator to another, without losing the number.

According to the forecasts of mobile operators, the service can start working from may 1, 2019 In the company lifecell told us that already have an agreed plan for the implementation of MNP.

“In early June, the national Commission for regulation of communications and Informatization announced and agreed with the operators Estimated execution plan of measures on introduction of number portability, according to which the MNP launch is scheduled for may 1, 2019,” – said in lifecell.

At the same time, another mobile operator explains that all the terms are directly dependent on the regulator itself.

“Technically, the project is complex and requires changes to all IT systems and most of the processes of the company. But Kyivstar will try to meet the deadline set by the regulator. We are interested in the fact that the mobile subscribers who want to move to the network Kyivstar with the preservation of their room, could do it as soon as possible”, – commented the representatives of Kyivstar.

Vodafone in Ukraine, we have also reported that they expect a launch in the first half of 2019, because still need to undertake a number of technical works.

“Presumably the service will launch in the first half of 2019. For the launch, the administrator of a centralized database of ported numbers will need to hold a number of works, the most significant of which are the development and implementation of an integrated information security system and testing the interaction of all participants of the project”, – said the mobile operator.

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