To change mobile operator but keep number: how will new service

The service will be paid and will start working next year

Сменить мобильного оператора, но сохранить номер: как будет работать новая услуга

Ukraine was on the verge of a breakthrough in telecommunications – in the next 2019, it will become possible to preserve their mobile number after switching providers. So, Ukrainians will easily move from one operator to another, without losing the number. The website “Today” was dealt with when the new rule will work, how it will function and what you need to know.

The introduction of the service was slowed down due to litigation

In the world such a service there in the late 90-ies of the last century, as it was assumed that this would help to increase competition between mobile operators. The first countries in which it is beginning to work, are great Britain and the Netherlands, and since the 2000s, the service has spread in European countries.

Service save the number when changing operators (eng. Mobile number portability, MNP) could appear in Ukraine much earlier, if not for the problems and lawsuits that have sprung up around the tender.

The winner of the tender in 2016 was “Dialink”, which was proposed to launch the service over 71.8 million UAH, while the other party – Kiev company “es ay Center” was named a sum almost twice less – 39.5 million UAH. Then began the trial with mutual claims and accusations. And now, after two years, “es ay Centre” provided by the Ukrainian state centre of radio frequencies (UGRTS) equipment necessary for the MNP launch. However, the agreement between UGRTS and this company has been cancelled, so in the future for the implementation services will be responsible directly UGRTS.

MNP will start in the middle of next year

According to the forecasts of mobile operators, the service can start working from may 1, 2019 In the company lifecell told us that already have an agreed plan for the implementation of MNP.

“In early June, the national Commission for regulation of communications and Informatization announced and agreed with the operators Estimated execution plan of measures on introduction of number portability, according to which the MNP launch is scheduled for may 1, 2019,” – said in lifecell.

At the same time, another mobile operator explains that all the terms are directly dependent on the regulator itself.

“Technically, the project is complex and requires changes to all IT systems and most of the processes of the company. But Kyivstar will try to meet the deadline set by the regulator. We are interested in the fact that the mobile subscribers who want to move to the network Kyivstar with the preservation of their room, could do it as soon as possible”, – commented the representatives of Kyivstar.

Vodafone in Ukraine, we have also reported that they expect a launch in the first half of 2019, because still need to undertake a number of technical works.

“Presumably the service will launch in the first half of 2019. For the launch, the administrator of a centralized database of ported numbers will need to hold a number of works, the most significant of which are the development and implementation of an integrated information security system and testing the interaction of all participants of the project”, – said the mobile operator.

The subscriber can change the operator no more than once per month

MNP should make the Telecom market more competitive, because very often subscribers from switching to another operator holds only that will have to change the room. With the introduction of this service in Ukraine, subscribers will be able to move from one operator to another, while fully keeping the same number (including original network code).

In order to use this feature, the Ukrainians will need only to apply and leave their passport details.

“To transfer your mobile number to a new operator will need to apply for a transfer of numbers remotely (by phone, via the Internet) or in stores of this statement, indicating your passport details. You also need to specify the desired time of transfer and to choose the tariff plan. After transferring the numbers to the callers who call this number, their operator will report that the room is serviced by a different network” – explain the mechanism of functioning of the new system in the company lifecell.

The service will be available to all subscribers, which are identified in the network of the operator – i.e. checked or serviced on a contract basis. It is assumed that initially the service will be paid, however, it will be a symbolic amount, which will be immediately charged to your phone bill.

In Ukraine Vodafone tell a customer’s request for change of operator is considered, and in 8 hours transmitted to the Central database, which checks it and approves.

If the application is approved, the new operator shall inform the subscriber signs a contract with him (if the subscriber wants to contract), shall issue a new SIM card and begins to serve it in its network. The provision of services will not be interrupted, because the first activated the new sim card, and then deactivated the old one. If within 30 calendar days the subscriber has not come to a new operator, it will be cancelled and he continues to serve the old operator. The service will be paid, but since the rate sets the operator to which the subscriber is transferred, its value is likely to be symbolic”, – explained in the company.

It is also important to remember that the subscriber will be able to move to a new operator not more than once every 30 days. And the transfer of data from one cellular network to another will occur in the period from 24 hours to three business days.

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