To correct errors

Des erreurs à corriger

The Impact played its worst game in 2020 Thursday night to begin the tournament for the resumption of the MLS.

Thierry Henry has not gone through four paths to criticise the effort of his men that he considered to be inadequate.

“We are not here to make excuses, I did not like the attitude of the team, we lost all of our duels, we lost balloons without pressure.

“If you come back on the field without a will and making so many mistakes, you can’t win. Fight and not lose the balls, it was kind of our thing since the beginning. “

The tactical

Henry insisted that this was not a tactical problem that has plagued his team, rejecting rather the blame on the lack of fighting spirit shown by his troops.

“This is not a question of attitude, insisted Henry, we never had any fighting and if you don’t have it in a match, you can’t win, regardless of tactics. “

However, he did not want to put more than necessary, believing that it was the problem of a match, but not a situation recurring.

“I don’t question the desire of my players, but tonight, she was not present. ”

But still

This is all well and good, but we can still wonder a little about the tactical aspect.

For the first game of the team in four months, Henry has chosen a device unusual in placing Samuel Piette as right wing as he is used to playing in the axis.

Things are replaced when Zachary Brault-Guillard came in the second half to replace Orji Okwonwko who had done nothing except desperately looking for a yellow card. Back in the axis, and Piette came out of his shell and the right hand corridor was more animated.

The system put in place in the first half meant that Piette playing in the hallway in defence and reposition itself in the axis attack. It was a lot to ask of a player who had not played 90 minutes since the beginning of march.

Bojan transparent

Aligned in the corridor on the left, Bojan has been rather transparent, so this corridor has not been animated.

The Catalan has distributed one or two good balls, but has not weighed in on the match as it could do.

If the Impact is counting on him to score goals, there may be a problem. It is more comfortable in the axis shifted behind a striker.

It does lack a striker strong in the surface to complement. This is a folder for the sporting director, Olivier Renard.

Bad casting

Even if Jukka Raitala is a left back, in a scheme to five rear where the side become wingers, it does not have the percussion offensive to give dynamism to the corridor.

His lack of flair offensive has without doubt contributed to muzzle Bojan who was playing right on top of him.

At the limit, it would be better to use it as a centre-back, where he has enjoyed his best moments with the Impact.

Speaking of the central, Rod Fanni and Rudy Camacho have not experienced a great game. By contrast, the young Luis Binks was the best defender, if not the best player on the team.

The foot of the wall

After a game, the Impact is already in a position where it must win its next two matches, including one next Wednesday against Toronto FC.

At least, the first game of Toronto has been moved to tomorrow morning, which will not allow them much time to recover.

It will be the first game of the tournament for Toronto and d.c. United. This result will give us possibly a better idea of the tangent that will take the group.

This is a meeting that the white-Blue-black will not be able to escape, and it would be interesting to see an attack to be reworked. In this regard, Romell Quioto and Ballou Tabla have shown good things when they came on as substitutes in the second half.

A departure for either the one or the other, or both, could inject a little more bite to the attack and allow Bojan to be repositioned in the axis where it is likely to be more effective.

In touch

Henry has been around the world

The Impact has not played a good game Thursday, but Thierry Henry has toured the world.

The head coach of the Blue-white-black, like everyone else, has laid the knee on the ground before the start of the match, raising his right fist in the air in support of the movement Black Lives Matter.

But it was not identified immediately. He kept the left knee to the ground until the mark of 8 minutes and 46 seconds. This is the time that the police officer Derek Chauvin has spent the knee on the stroke of George Floyd before he died by asphyxiation.

“I wanted to honor him and to express my support for the cause “, he explained after the match.

Thierry Henry is one of two coaches black in the MLS.

The cine-football

Not possible to go to see a match at the stadium ? No problem ! The marketing team of the Revolution in New-England has had an interesting flash in the margin of the clash against the Impact, Thursday night.

In fact, we have protected the synthetic turf field of Gillette Stadium and we invited the supporters to come and see the match on the giant screen of the stadium.

But if that is done in formula ciné-parc, the fans were all installed in their cars or near-mode ” tailgate “.

Some evil tongues would say that if all the cars were full, there were more people than during a match-the usual ” Revs “.

Racist Message

A player of the Eathquakes of San Jose, Danny Hoesen, has indicated that he has recently received a racist message on a social network.

“A few days ago, I received a racist message on Instagram. I talked to the team without going into too much detail “, he confided during a teleconference.

“Even guys who are not of color and who are living in this country have long since apologized to me saying that they had no idea that things like that were happening. I think it is a good thing that everyone starts to pull together and confront the problem. “

Hoesen is originally from the netherlands, just like his mother. His father is of moroccan origin.

The Red Bulls have been hot

The Red Bulls of New York have seen the red light to light earlier this week when two players have a positive result is obtained at the COVID-19.

The fears, however, were quickly assuaged when the first of the two players has received two negative results and was able to resume training with the team.

On Friday, it was the turn of the second player to record a second negative result and be able to re-enter the training.

Now that all the teams are installed in the bubble of the MLS, we risk seeing much less of positive results during this first week.

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