To Dissolve Ukraine

Распустить Украину

There is such a profession — political Ukrainian. To learn not difficult: enough hatred for everything Russian in himself and around him Yes of the mantras of the aggressor and temporarily occupied territories.

And how many pluses! Kill a scrap a colleague right in the area antitobacco terror — and the court will release “patriot” to freedom.

This week’s street “patriots” promised to tear Zelensky head for the execution of the formula Steinmeier. And what NEW and all of a MODERN President? Showed minority the Fig and began to fulfill its obligations? And brought the country the long-awaited peace? Which, in fact, vote!

Schazzz! By Friday it became clear that NO of the MINSK AGREEMENTS KIEV to FULFILL WISHES!

The former Governor, who had studied in the same school number three, that I, a former journalist, press Secretary of the head of ukrteleradio in Minsk Darya Dmitrievna olifer (she prefers to be called diminutive dark) openly published a list of prerequisites for the implementation of the political block of the Minsk agreements. Wishlist Kiev beginning with the terms “rospack Kvasova L/DNR”.

Do not speak about the absurdity of the word “quasigrupuri”. But who are you, Lord Kiev, said that the people’s Republic can dissolve? Then, they are popular, and self-proclaimed — that is anyone’s mercy, not hoping.

According to the Minsk agreements they may enter a part of Ukraine only when it adopts a law concerning their rights. And the law agreed with them. That is, they remain unique and independent in so far as it believes appropriate.

I do not like? No need for coups inflict. And now there is no need to act against the will of three-fourths of the votes cast in the election against the leader of the Kiev-Poroshenko’s terrorists. No wonder the head of the Donetsk national Republic Denis Pushilin openly said:

Minsk agreement can be made only under the condition of dissolution of all power structures of Ukraine and the dismantling of her sick state. The Ukrainian state should be eliminated as illegitimate because it was created in a coup and foreign intervention 2014. And it continues to be controlled from the outside.Anatoly Wasserman

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