To do his shopping, he wears a hood of the Ku Klux Klan

Pour faire ses courses, il porte une cagoule du Ku Klux Klan

SAN DIEGO – A man wearing a hood of the Ku Klux Klan, an organization supremacist white, was noticed Sunday at a grocery store in California, where masks are mandatory for outdoor activities.

Several photos and videos were taken of the man who had his diapers in a grocery store in Santee, a suburb of San Diego. He was also wearing a sweater with a camouflage, and a short, dark, and had a long ponytail of grey along his back.

“I took a photo because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, told the “Times of San Diego”, Melissa S., a witness. He stood behind me in the queue, quietly.” She added that a man in a wheelchair was welcomed.

Clerks have repeatedly asked the man to remove his head covering, a symbol of racial oppression of the Whites on the black population in the u.s., or leaving the store, said a spokesman for the grocery stores Vons at the “L. A. Times”. It was finally removed after a store manager told him to do in the queue at the cash, said the spokesman.

“Several employees have come together and told the man to remove the hood or leave, so he withdrew the hood”, has confirmed, Tiam Tellez, another witness, in a publication on Facebook, where he has shared several images of the man.

The sheriff’s department of San Diego has not been called about the incident, but is currently reviewing the issue, he said Monday in a press release.

Tammy Gillies, regional director of the anti-defamation League of San Diego, has condemned the incident and called for justice in a tweet Sunday.

She also questioned the response is “lackadaisical” from the grocery store to the incident and offered to “educate” his staff on this issue.

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