To do: how to organize your day

Чтобы все успевать: как правильно организовать свой день

The days go by at the speed of light and you start to involuntarily think about the fact that you are in time nothing, and your speech is increasingly slipping a phrase that 24 hours a day very little. All this can only be explained by the fact that you do not know how to organize your day. Here psychologists are advised not to blindly follow the advice on time management, but also to pay attention on how your brain works throughout the day. It is important to ensure that the right to distribute the tasks accordingly with these indicators and thus to enhance their productivity.
1. The first three hours of the day

Various studies have found that the first three hours of the workday are the most productive. It was at this time a person the most organized and assembled, and accordingly it may be easier to generate ideas and make plans. Therefore, to come to work and try to do important work instead of spending those three hours on long conversations with colleagues.

2. Make the right breaks

When you sit all day or stand in one position, then tired not only a brain from stress, but your body. According to physiologists, the human body for 120 minutes takes several cycles, then he needs to rest, otherwise your productivity will be zero. Take for a rule after a certain period of time to get up from the table and rest at least ten minutes. What exactly is this rest depends on your activities.

It is important to listen to your body so as not to miss an important signal. Learn to follow not only the time, but their emotions and energy.

3. How to survive the afternoon fatigue

Lunch has long passed, and you have run out of power and the desire to work. And all the rest of the time you look at your watch, not having the strength to return to productive work.

It turns out, all is not so simple, because in the afternoon the human body secretes the hormone melatonin, the body temperature drops and we begin to feel sleepy.

There are several solutions to this problem:

Short sleep – not everyone has the opportunity to take a NAP after lunch. But if you still a chance – don’t give up on him, because even 20 minutes of sleep will help you regain strength, which is exactly enough to finish the day.Easy job – if sleep does not work, plan on this being an easy job that you can perform on autopilot. So you will have more chances not to screw up anything.

Чтобы все успевать: как правильно организовать свой день

4. When the end of the day

To be able to do all the work, try not to be distracted by personal correspondence, social media, looking at photos and discussing someone’s holiday. Leave it all on personal time. It is also important to pull and work for themselves. If you will check your emails over dinner and before bed to coordinate with our colleagues the plans for tomorrow, then you have to create the impression that you do not rest. Learn to separate work from personal time and just turn off the gadgets during the holidays.

5. Plan fun activities

To switch from operational issues – take yourself that brings you pleasure: play a video game, take charge, or take creativity. It’ll distract you from work, switch off the brain and enjoy the end of the day.

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