To drown newborn kittens and puppies banned at the legislative level

Топить новорожденных котят и щенков запретят на законодательном уровне

The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada approved a bill that toughens liability for injuring animals.
On November 27 the Verkhovna Rada Committee on environmental policy and environmental management supported the draft law No. 2351 on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on implementation of provisions of some international agreements and EU directives in the field of protection of flora and fauna and pointed it at the first reading.

The adoption of the law will contribute to strengthening the fight against ill-treatment of animals and poaching, the introduction of European values and humane standards for animals, approximation of Ukrainian legislation to EU legislation, says the head of the Committee Oleg Bondarenko.

Specified rules for keeping Pets. So, the person accompanying the animal is obliged to ensure: the presence of a muzzle, leash required for implementation of walking the pet outside the place of permanent content; the presence of a pet collar with identifying marks.

This bill, in particular, introduced a complete ban on killing of animals to control the population of homeless animals. Excluded is the basis for the killing, as “the necessity of killing newborn offspring of animals.”

It is prohibited to:

use for work sick, injured, weak, pregnant women in last trimester of pregnancy or underfed animals;use when dealing with animals equipment and other means that can lead to injury, maiming or death of animals;keeping animals in rooms where the slaughter of animals or where carcasses of slaughtered animals;to carry out the slaughter of animals to the loss of consciousness (in addition to the slaughter of animals in various farms);gutting, skinning, Smoking and separate the parts of the animals until the termination of them in a heartbeat.When carrying out branding, castration and so on are applied methods of anesthesia.

It is forbidden to beat, to kill, poison or maim a domestic animal; to give Pets as prizes, awards or bonuses; causing pet pain and suffering; to train animals in a way that harms the health of the animal and its General condition; to kill the animals by drowning, strangulation, the use of substances that lead to poisoning, electric current.

Prohibits panhandling with Pets.

It is forbidden to leave a pet in a closed car’s interior in the absence of the man, when the ambient temperature is higher than + 20 ° C and lower than -5ºC.

It is forbidden to bury Pets in the basement.

Also clarifies the terms:

animal abuse is animal abuse, including the homeless, beating or committing other unlawful acts of violence which cause an animal physical pain, suffering, bodily injury, or injury which led to death, inciting animals to each other, with hooligan or mercenary motives, willful abandonment of Pets and farm animals to their fate, as well as violation of rules of treatment of animals under this Law, including the conduct of genetic changes and the use of animals in pharmacological and mechanical means of doping;animal shelters — non-profit institutions specially designed and equipped for the maintenance of homeless animals.animal injury — bodily injury that resulted in the loss of any animal organ or loss of function of the animal body;bodily injury to an animal — a violation of the anatomical integrity or physical functions of the organs and tissues of the animal body;the testing of dogs selected for breeding are adequate in the behavioural reactions of dogs that meet the requirements of the standard.

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