“To establish itself in the role of controller”: why the state Department intends to put pressure on Russia before the summit “Norman four”

Ahead of the summit “channel four”, is scheduled for December 9, the US state Department has stated that it intends to continue to exert pressure on Russia. As noted in the Department, this is supposedly necessary to “comply with their obligations under the Minsk agreements.” The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky previously noted that is ready to attract to the channel US format, if the summit of “won’t work”. Meanwhile, Moscow has repeatedly pointed out that the implementation of the Minsk agreements hinders it. According to experts, Washington is trying to remind you that it has a significant influence on Ukrainian politics.

«Утвердиться в роли контролёра»: почему Госдеп намерен оказать давление на Россию перед саммитом «нормандской четвёрки»

ReutersВашингтон ahead of the summit “channel four” will continue to exert pressure on Russia. This is stated in the statement of the official representative of US state Department Morgan Ortagus posted on the website of the American foreign Ministry.

“The U.S. is committed to continue working with allies and partners to pressure Russia to comply with their obligations under the Minsk agreements and have embarked on a peace process the restoration of full sovereignty of Ukraine over the Donbas. It will be the first step towards full restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders, including its territorial waters,” reads the statement.

In a statement, the state Department also notes that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky “does a reasonable, but difficult steps on the path to reform and peace.”

“The United States appreciates the adoption by Ukraine of the reforms necessary to ensure its security and prosperity in the long term,” — said in a statement.
Recall that the first in the last three years, the meeting in “Norman format” will take place on 9 December in Paris. November 27, Vladimir Zelensky said that the Ukrainian side is willing to any negotiations in its framework, including the multilateral and bilateral meetings of leaders.

As noted in an interview with RT expert Council on interethnic relations under the RF President Bogdan Bezpalko, such statements Washington wants to remind you that the United States have a significant influence on the policy of the Ukrainian leadership, although formally in the Normandy format, they do not participate.

The expert added that the United States is trying to shift responsibility for the failure of the Minsk agreements on Russia, despite the fact that they have long not done with that Ukraine.

“The state Department wants to place the responsibility for the implementation of the Minsk agreements on Russia, because otherwise it would have had to impose on Ukraine. Objectively, the fault lies with Ukraine, because it does not fulfill the Minsk agreement, even in the form of formula Steinmeier. Still, what has been achieved is the exchange of detainees and raising parties in the Petrovsky and Gold, while the rest of the front line continue to occur skirmishes, fighting of low intensity. If you look objectively, the pressure would need to provide to Ukraine, but it is unprofitable for US”, — said the expert.

Normandy format

Normandy format talks on Ukraine was created in June 2014. Then, during the events devoted to the 70th anniversary of the landing of allied troops in Normandy, the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany held talks to resolve the conflict in the Donbass. After that meeting and telephone conversations were carried out at the level of heads of States of the “Quartet” of foreign Ministers of the participating countries.

«Утвердиться в роли контролёра»: почему Госдеп намерен оказать давление на Россию перед саммитом «нормандской четвёрки»

Talks in the Normandy format, kremlin.GIS 2015 almost all of the meeting, the Quartet was dedicated to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Soon, however, the Ukrainian authorities have practically frozen their implementation that made such meetings pointless. The last meeting of heads of state “Norman Quartet” in its entirety was held in October 2016 in Germany.

Moscow has repeatedly pointed out that the implementation of the Minsk agreements is the only way to resolve the conflict in the East of Ukraine, and also drew attention of the dialogue participants that the implementation of the agreements were sabotaged by Kiev.It should be noted that representatives of the Kiev authorities declared the necessity of U.S. accession to the Norman format in 2015. One of the first announced the proposal Valery Chaly, who was at that time the post of Deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine.

In may 2017, Poroshenko said that the talks in Normandy format Kiev is always coordinated with the United States.

“I stress that they are involved have been and will be. All the time, including during the previous administration, changed the names, but was appropriate diplomat with the rank of Ambassador, who was fully informed about the content of the talks in the Normandy format, and they are coordinated with our American colleagues,” — said Poroshenko.

According to him, this is due to the fact that the US is a “strategic partner” of Ukraine.

Fifth extra

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has made conflicting statements about U.S. involvement in the negotiations Norman Quartet. In July of 2019, he in public video offered Vladimir Putin to hold talks with the leaders of the countries “Norman Quartet” and the heads of the UK and the USA.

Readiness to participate in the Normandy format talks, said the Donald trump.

“I believe that the exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia was a very big step, and this is a very positive step. If they want me involved, I will enter,” said trump on September 9 in the course of communication with journalists at the White house.

However, on 26 September Zelensky said that you didn’t invite trump to join the summit four.

“For the first time in person (have turned. — RT), not on the phone to President Trump that he was introduced to the solution to all our problems, to end the war and return our territories. But not for now, when we will meet in the Normandy format to adhere” — quoted by UNIAN Zelensky.

«Утвердиться в роли контролёра»: почему Госдеп намерен оказать давление на Россию перед саммитом «нормандской четвёрки»

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky AFP © SPENCER PLATT / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICAПри the President of Ukraine added that if “the summit will not work, will not move, Yes, we will attract, and not just America.”

In recent years Russia has repeatedly said that he sees no need of US participation in the summit. October 8 this position was again confirmed by the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“From a General point of view of the stakeholders, the alternatives to him at the moment, no. And the implementation of the Minsk agreements as times are discussed in a Normandy format. Point of view about… connecting US to this format is not supported”, — said Peskov.

Earlier similar opinion was expressed by the representative of the foreign Ministry of France. Answering the question about connectivity of the US to the negotiations on the Donbass, he said that “changing the channel format is not on the agenda”.

Thus a press-the Secretary of the Russian President added that Washington could use its influence on Kiev to facilitate Ukraine’s fulfilment of its commitments under the Minsk agreements.

A bargaining chip

With new claims Washington is trying “to assert their watchdog role” of the Ukrainian position in the negotiations “channel four”, explained in an interview with RT, Professor NRU HSE Dmitry Evstafiev.

“The United States is not a member of “Norman Quartet”, so they want to secure their role as main political sponsor and source of political support for Ukraine and personally to Zelensky,” — said the expert.Dmitry Evstafiev added that he would expect a change of course of the United States Ukraine, especially considering that the Ukrainian issue has become a bargaining chip in the political clashes in the American political establishment.”As if Barack Obama and Donald trump, the US adhere to the line that Russia is carrying out a certain aggression against a small, but rather a sovereign Ukraine, and Moscow is allegedly the main culprit the civil war in the Donbass. Washington now can not admit that Ukraine is a civil war, provoked by the illegal coup in Kiev, which was the White house. This means recognition of guilt, which will exacerbate the serious political crisis in the United States,” — said the analyst.

The expert also believes that Zelensky profitable this statement of the US state Department, as he is forced to seek support from Washington in the background your’s sagging ratings.

“The leader of Ukraine catastrophically losing support inside the country, and the only thing he can to balance, is attracting Americans to their policies. If he lose it, I think his fate is unenviable”, — concluded Dmitry Evstafiev.Alexander Karpov, Alyona Medvedeva

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