To give the language of the Hungarians, to fulfill the Minsk agreements. That Zelensky said the NATO Secretary General

Zelensky is in front of Stoltenberg. Photo website of the President, arrived In Ukraine NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. This morning in Kiev, he met with Vladimir Zelensky, and on 30 October he visited Odessa.

Before the meeting, in the party of Petro Poroshenko demanded to submit to the Alliance an application for the granting of membership. However, in “the Servant of the people” took it cool, and blamed the “EU” populism., urging not to hurry about joining the Alliance.

That is, recognizing that the NATO prospects of Ukraine is still low.

Have a visit and the second most important result: Ukraine, apparently, signed up to give a special linguistic rights of minorities – the Hungarians, who blocked, then unblocked a statement of the Commission Ukraine – NATO.

“Country” versed in the details of the visit, Stoltenberg and real prospects for Ukraine to become a member of Aliansa.

How was the visit of the Secretary General

On the eve of the arrival of Stoltenberg, October 29, to the mooring of the Odessa marine station moored minesweepers four NATO countries – Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy.

In Odessa, the NATO Secretary General arrived by plane. Video from the airplane was uploaded to his Twitter the permanent representative of Denmark to NATO Liselott of Plesner. “The North Atlantic Council, NATO landed in Odessa. Thank you Ukraine and Odessa for the welcome they gave us. You can count on our support”, – she wrote

Liselotte Plesner✔@LPlesner#NATO North Atlantic Counsel has landed in #Odessa. Thank you #Ukraine & Odessa for welcoming us. You can count on our support!

Vice Prime Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic integration Dmitry Kuleba posted on his page photo with Stoltenberg and signed it: “Happy to welcome Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, North Atlantic Council in Odessa!”.

The plan of the visit, announced in advance, was: Stoltenberg and ambassadors will visit in the Second standing group of NATO’s counter-mines, and then the NATO Secretary General will address the students of the Odessa naval Academy, which is five years older than the Alliance.

In this speech, Stoltenberg said that Russia has no right to interfere and influence the decision of Ukraine to become a member of the Alliance. “No one else has the right to interfere in it. Because we sometimes get the impression that Russia is solved Ukraine should be a member of the Alliance or not. Russia has no right to vote,” – said Stoltenberg.

However, after these statements of a deadline for Ukraine’s accession to the Alliance, the Secretary General was not named, escaped with evasive expressions.

“My point of view on the issue of Ukraine’s membership is the same as the NATO perspective. We decided in Bucharest at the NATO summit in 2008. And that’s where we decided that Ukraine will become a NATO member. This decision remains in force. We repeated it many times. At the same time, the focus is now on reform, and exactly how we can help you, to support you in complying with the NATO standards, to strengthen your institutions of defence and security,” – said Stoltenberg.

Stoltenberg in Kiev

On Thursday a meeting of the Commission “Ukraine-NATO” in Kiev with participation of the President.

“Zelensky, the President and government of Ukraine have a strong popular mandate for the introduction of large-scale reforms. Ukraine now reaches the Euro-Atlantic principles and standards in order to meet the expectations of its population”, – said the Secretary General.

After these common phrases he said a few words about the Donbass. Declared that it is necessary to perform the Minsk agreement (referring here only to Russia) and welcomed the breeding forces near Golden.

“We welcome new initiatives and new momentum aimed at peaceful settlement of the conflict and support these efforts. We emphasize that Russia has a clear responsibility for the implementation of the Minsk agreements and must withdraw all its armed forces and their officers in the East of Ukraine and stop destabilizing Ukraine, ” said NATO Secretary General.

However later on the NATO website published an official statement where it was said that the Minsk-2 must comply with all directions.

Gensek NATO also announced the launch of a new initiative of cooperation with Ukraine through the fleet.

“This spring, we decided to further develop the cooperation in various fields, in particular in the field of forces and means of the Navy. Now we are launching a new initiative that aims to coordinate and combine these different forms of cooperation, making them more streamlined,” said Stoltenberg.

According to Secretary General of NATO, the Ukrainian leadership is also considering the possibility of participation in training mission of NATO in Iraq.

NATO and Ukrainization

After the meeting Zelensky and Stoltenberg both politicians spoke to reporters. Here, the NATO Secretary General made an interesting statement. He urged Ukraine to implement all the recommendations of the Venice Commission on the rights of minorities.

Judging by the final statement of the Commission Ukraine-NATO published on the website of the Alliance, it is discriminatory law on education, which is fully ukrainiziruet school.

“With regard to the Law on education, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in September 2017, the allies urged Ukraine to fully implement the recommendations and conclusions of the Venice Commission. Ukraine committed to this”, – the document says.

“As you know, I constantly talk about the importance of minority rights. All the allies agreed that Ukraine should fully implement all recommendations of the Venice Commission. From Ukraine depends on this decision and the implementation of these recommendations”, – said the NATO Secretary General and noted that he had heard from the Ukrainian side on the implementation 6 of the 7 recommendations of the “Venetian”.

Zelensky confirmed it.

“In an open discussion we have not avoided complex issues Regarding the protection of national minorities, we have assured allies that Ukraine fulfills all the recommendations of the “Venice Commission” the law of Ukraine “On education”. Moreover, 6 of the 7 recommendations had already been implemented by the Ukrainian side”, – said the President.

What items are fulfilled Ukraine – was not specified. We will remind, the Venetian Commission in 2017 called to increase the transition period before the introduction of monazite in schools, to provide more benefits to the ethnic minorities, the release of the mandatory Ukrainian private schools.

That already went to Ukraine extended until 2023 transition period for minorities who speak languages of the European Union – that is, the same Hungarians. Russian schools will translate into the Ukrainian language from 2020. Which of course is blatant discrimination against Russian in Ukraine is more than Hungarians, and Russian – even more than the Ukrainian language.

Returning to the NATO summit – we know that yesterday the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban at a meeting with Vladimir Putin unexpectedly announced that Ukraine has agreed to implement 6 of the 7 requirements. And so Budapest agree to unlock the joint statement of the Commission Ukraine-NATO.

Apparently, Kiev is really agreed to some concessions to Hungarians – Zelensky was important to hold a NATO meeting in Kiev.

Did Ukraine closer to NATO?

Interestingly, in the day of communication Zelensky and Stoltenberg, the head of Committee of Parliament on external Affairs, Bohdan Yaremenko (recently caught in a sex scandal) have expressed skepticism on the accession of Ukraine to the Alliance.

In Facebook member of the “public Servants” opened a polemic with the party Poroshenko “European solidarity”, which was earlier proposed by Zelensky apply for NATO membership.

Yaremenko brought arguments why Kiev to the Alliance is still far.

First, never passed laws about security service and intelligence required by NATO. Ukraine is neither politically nor legally is “the Eastern border of NATO”, how about saying Poroshenko. Therefore, no obligations with the Alliance in front of us. The coming years are no prospects for beginning a meaningful dialogue with the EU and NATO membership will not.There are plenty of outstanding on the path to European integration and evroatlanticheskie work – reforms in the sectors of security, defense, strengthening of democratic institutions, economic reform, judicial and legal reform.Our government never in any year did not follow his own programme of integration into NATO completely. “Isn’t this the most eloquent proof of the sincerity of our desire, and most importantly – the technical readiness to join NATO?”The Alliance is “Realpolitik”, which dictates a number of States-members of NATO not to irritate Russia.”Items Yaremenko” – not quite full list of reasons that cover the Ukraine into the Alliance. The main – and about her ex-diplomat is silent – Kiev has an unresolved territorial dispute. And two: the Crimea and the Donbass.

In the Crimea, which NATO believes Ukraine’s territory, officially the Russian troops. How to join the Alliance with the Russians in military bases – is unclear.

In the Donbas even smoldering war and finish it under the terms of the Minsk means to put an end to NATO: Ukraine will become a de facto Federation. And if you finish without Minsk – to withdraw troops, and then to freeze the conflict, this situation risks sliding into war at any moment. In which the Alliance to intervene does not want to – and therefore did not take Ukraine for itself.

Another factor that Yaremenko dropped off is the position of the Russian Federation (not just those countries that would not want to confront her). The history of the Crimea and Donbass – it is in fact an attempt of Moscow to prevent Ukraine, which in 2014 turned into an anti-Russian state in NATO.

Russia agreed to the sanctions, but pulled out from under the noses of the Alliance “unsinkable aircraft carrier” of Crimea, not hesitant to send troops to Ukraine. Almost openly Russia helps, and “republics” of Donbass. If we continue this logic, then the real prospect of Ukraine’s joining NATO could trigger a new round of hot conflict with Russia.

That is, “an Eastern Outpost of NATO” on its borders Russia will not tolerate. And any hints on his appearance – at least under the current leadership, Russia is likely to exacerbate up to the war. With unfortunate consequences for Ukraine, which is unlikely to die soldiers of the Alliance.

In this sense, Ukraine is likely to remain a non-aligned government – even at this time, and necessity, but not voluntarily. Vic Wenk

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