To have thought even with Poroshenko!

Ukraine has made first step to exit visas for travel to Russia.

До такого не додумались даже при Порошенко!

Photo: © teleskop-by.ogds March 1, citizens of Ukraine will be able to enter Russia only on foreign passports. No, don’t think that it is the symmetric answer of Russia on a similar measure against the Russians, carried out by Kiev in 2015-m to year. Russia, as you know, the brotherly people not shit, and any picks are made exclusively with the authorities of this country. And furthermore, there now seems to be the new President with whom Moscow yet look forward to a constructive dialogue.

But, hell, the new President again is painfully reminiscent of the old. And in some ways it has already surpassed. Even Poroshenko did not think to forbid Ukrainians to travel to Russia on internal passports — and that is the measure proposed recently in the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

Apparently, they’ve waited four years that Russia will give mirror response to the ban the Russians to enter Ukraine on internal passports. But then came, to their surprise and annoyance, as with the mythical war that our country supposedly lead to each other — Russia at her, as you know, it was not. Apparently, Kiev decided to take the bull by the horns themselves to make this step.

The explanation is in the spirit of the age Poroshenko — the Director of Department of consular service of the MFA of Ukraine Serhiy Pogoreltsev considers that the existing order of departure of the Ukrainians in the neighboring country of”inappropriate threats to national security in terms of armed aggression from Russia”!

Well, that and someone thought it was that the new President equals new thinking. But it’s not!

At the same time, in Kiev the mouth Pogoreltsev presented well, totally inadequate explanation of the reasons for this step.

He said at once that we are at war with Russia, so there’s nothing to go there. But no, it came up with the same reasons.

It turns out that the birth certificate is dangerous to use as an identity document — there are no pictures, so, this creates a risk of unlawful removal of the child abroad.

I wonder how many children “illegally” taken to Russia from Ukraine? In fact, everywhere accepted, that the removal of the child abroad is necessary or the presence of parents, or notarized permission. And if you want to withdraw from a criminal intent — stupid who need to give paw, good for Ukraine to do it without a problem — no passport certainly will not help.

Further victims of the fire indicates that the certificate, as in the internal passport, the owner is not duplicated in the Latin alphabet, which makes it difficult to check for restrictions on travel in the databases of Interpol and can not read information in the automatic mode.

So, too, after all the nonsense — Ukrainian passport sufficiently protected documents. With modern technology to detect a fake — not a problem, especially at the border of the state, which issues the passports. On the Russian side fake may not recognize, but Russian side, the owner of a fake passport simply will not happen, it “will bite” another Ukrainian, and if he is in the “stop list” for the border and so will not be allowed. If the person with the fake document will erupt outside Ukraine, it will be the headache of the host state, not Kiev.

However, according to Pogoreltsev, the passport of the citizen of Ukraine in the form of a booklet has a low degree of protection and can be used with the modified picture when crossing the border by third parties who have committed or may commit unlawful acts that threaten state security and public order.

Besides the fact that the words of a poor defense is nonsense, attention should be paid to the words about actions that “threaten state security”. In other words, the victims of the fire here in plain text says that Ukraine is not going out from the country unreliable. As is known, Ukraine today talk about the need of federalization and the establishment of relations with Russia can be cause for accusations of attacks on state security.

In fact, all this is reminiscent of the so-called “exit visas”, which are now around the world is gone. This practice existed in his time in the USSR (the former Soviet Union, until recently, remained in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan), and going to relocate and could do to deprive of the Soviet citizenship. By the way, good idea for the current Ukrainian authorities to take away the citizenship of all who go to Russia, as they say, give for free!

Was an exit visa and a “Bastion of democracy” — the United States in the era of “McCarthyism,” they extended to persons accused of “UN-American activities”. And today, there are some restrictions on tourist travel to Cuba, for example.

Anyway, throughout the world, this practice is condemned and considered a tool to limit political rights and suppression of dissidents. Ukraine accelerated pace moves precisely this. However, to limit the rights of citizens it is the sixth year moves since the coup.

In the end, even if Americans in the Cold war period did not hesitate to restrict the right of its citizens to travel to countries of the socialist camp, then, if we consider that Ukraine is at war with Russia (they officially say), why not introduce exit visas to Russia? Or not to prohibit the departure of “country-aggressor”?

Apparently, in Kiev still think that it would be too. After all, Russia lives and works at least three million Ukrainians (according to the official version of Kiev), in reality it is much more. Have threatened to interrupt rail and road connections and in General almost close to the border. But, apparently, decided that it would be fraught, because it is confined to the prohibition of air travel and constant threats not to stop.

In principle, the same thing can happen with a ban on travel for internal passports. The fire Victims speaks of him as a promising solution. May, prior to the implementation of the deal and will not happen. Maybe just scare, stuffing themselves in anticipation of the meeting, “Norman Quartet”, they say, no compromise with the “aggressor”, etc.

Or maybe just want to give someone to earn on mass issuance of passports — it is money. And the results really can be massive. A survey conducted two years ago, a survey of foreign passports do not have 66% of the population, including the vast majority of the older generation.

And this in spite of the opportunity to travel to Europe without visas. The fact is that most of those who wanted to work in Europe, did it when the visa regime and passports they had everything in order. And to travel with tourist purposes (for which “bezviz” actually was introduced) can afford a few, and with each new postmaydannoy year their number reduced.

Probably, someone in Kiev thought that since even “bezviz” Europe is not spurred Ukrainians to fork out for a passport, it will force a ban on leaving the home.

Of course, Russia is less to not go. Who has no passport, it will receive. At the same time they will receive and the stamps about crossing the border with Russia, which will now be known not only by the guards, but first check the documents the police and not only (for example, to make “zagrannik” in the list of documents to be submitted when applying for a job in certain companies, with immediate exclusion of those who are often in Russia). Remember I talked about “unreliable” that threaten “national security”?

Well, of course, it will hit the residents of the DNI and LC, which for security purposes are often forced to ride on the Kiev-controlled territory through Russia (such, indeed, are many), they receive a Ukrainian passport will be difficult.

And yet, the SBU will finally be able to officially identify the Crimean and Donetsk, which definitely has a Russian passport — before they are bluffing that they have such databases. Indeed, many leave the Ukraine on the internal Ukrainian passport and enter Russia on the Russian. Now the lack in their “passports” stamped on entry into Russia, will indicate they have Russian passports, which could become a pretext for the persecution and create problems in subsequent border crossings.

However, the President Zelensky said recently that he believes the Pitmen, who received Russian passports, “lost”. Maybe that’s what he thinks and about the Crimeans. And the GPU the other day called to recognize the residents of LDNR, who received Russian passports, are victims of the “Russian war crimes”. Don’t need them strictly! But it is necessary to suppress in the Bud!

Again, I recall the words Zelensky that he does not hold those who chose Russia. Apparently, travel on the travel document is another step to getting rid of the unreliable. Following the logic will be the introduction of visas.

But the goal is the same, that was and Poroshenko Donbass and Crimea or Ukrainian, or deserted.

До такого не додумались даже при Порошенко!

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