To hell with the holidays!

Au diable les vacances!

Carey Price is the heart of the team, Shea Weber wears the ” C ” for captain, but Brendan Gallagher is necessary probably as the maestro of the Canadian. By his courage and his work, the wingman is the one who gives the rhythm to his teammates.

At its first virtual meeting with the journalists since the beginning of the camp, the small number 11 talked about yesterday as a true leader.

“Honestly, I hope that all the guys are excited about this chance, said Gallagher. We play for this reason, to have the opportunity to participate in the series. Regardless of how you access it, this situation is crazy, but it is there. This is a second chance.

“No matter where you are in your career, you need to understand the extent to which it is a trophy hard to win. Just need to grab our chance. We are here to work. This is not a summer vacation. We need to find a way to do our job and do it well. ”


Gallagher knows that the CH will have the role of neglected in the face of the Pittsburgh Penguins. But this situation does annoys not in the least.

“The opinions of others matter little, he replied. The important thing is how one sees oneself. As long as you have trust and believes in it, it is possible. If we lose this belief, this is not possible. It is necessary to look at it one step at a time and not think about the finish line. We need to create a positive environment.

“We will have a challenge against the Penguins and we need to focus. You need to believe. I don’t care enough probability. In this locker room, you need to believe. This is the most important. ”

Responsibility double

Gallagher will play a key role in this short series, 3 of 5 against the band in Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. It will remain to the right wing of the first trio, alongside Phillip Danault and Tomas Tatar.

In most of the missions are defensive, probably against the trio of Crosby, Gallagher and his colleagues will also have as objective to produce offensively.

“It’s like anything, the more time you spend together, the more you can talk to. It is at a point where we know how other people think, mentioned Gallagher. If something is not correct, we talk about it and it corrects. It takes a lot of pride in our work. We know that we will have a big challenge in this series. No doubt about it. “

Not to go out

On the 26th of July, Gallagher will travel once again very light to travel in the city bubble in Toronto.

“I bring only the essentials. I always have a game of cards, but otherwise, I am not bringing a lot of entertainment stuff. I have a tv in my room, it is enough for me. “

The small right wing is not afraid of the days that he spent in the secure area at Toronto.

“I know that we will not be able to go. This will be quite strict. But I know that they have planned things for us désennuyer. The day of the match, we are going to prepare. But during our days off, I hope that it will be a place where to stand. ”

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