To help the injured from the explosions Arys came all of Kazakhstan



The people of Kazakhstan began to restore the houses in Arys. They were destroyed by explosions at an ammunition depot last Monday. Damage was estimated by the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Gulmira Zhanzakova.

Marzhangul Sarsenbayeva carefully inspect your house. Is it now dangerous to life. Here-here will collapse the roof, walls cracked. Hard to believe that just a month ago it did repair.

“I’m only here in the summer all updated. Living alone, children with their families. Said that my house will be demolished. I hope that I will not leave and help,” said the woman.

Explosions in Arys happened last Monday. It has affected 85% of urban buildings. Residents miraculously managed to jump out of houses.

“When we saw all this as if in a strange house came. We have all the Windows broken, the roof is cracked the entire slate, a large part of the houses are destroyed”, – said Gulnar Sharipova.

A few hundred construction companies now restore the city. ARIS are divided into 17 sectors, each responsible for a certain region of the country. 3-m will work in crews of Zhambyl region. Only in this sector 327 houses. To complete the repairs they need for the month month.

“In our area, two houses were completely destroyed. They will be re-erected. Today we had the inspection of buildings, now draw up an estimate. Just from Zhambyl region will work 200 builders, they have put 10 tents where they will live during construction,” – said Birzhan Sochi, Advisor to akim of Zhambyl region.

The hardest hit sector one. About 20 houses need to be rebuilt.

The city has damaged more than 8 thousand buildings. Including 14 schools, two hospitals, 28 kindergartens. According to preliminary estimates of experts, on restoration of a city will require more than $ 50 million.

“The situation today in the town of Arys is quite stable. All life support systems working. There is electricity, water supply is restored”, – said Vladimir Bekker, Chairman of the Committee of emergency situations of the MIA of Kazakhstan.

Residents will receive financial assistance for 263 dollars.

The interior Ministry announced that it will check all the ammunition depots. A whole Arsenal is deployed, the ammunition will start to take out within two weeks.