To recognize the work of our peers

Faire reconnaître le travail de ses pairs

In addition to his new career on pause to return to help his colleagues in times of crisis, a nurse auxiliary for the Montérégie region has launched an initiative that allows local businesses to give back to the medical staff on the front line.

Faire reconnaître le travail de ses pairs

Karine Harbour
Licensed practical nurse

Karine Harbour had left the midst of health in June to begin his account as coach entrepreneurship, a field that she is passionate about.

“When the prime minister launched the campaign “I help”, I found that it was a privilege for me to put my knowledge to good use and I could not stay at home without getting involved. ”

Fresh experience

Considering his experience of the occupation still fresh, the mother of the family was quickly assigned to the hospital emergency department, Charles-Lemoyne in Greenfield Park. She rubs shoulders with every day, so people infected by the COVID-19, or suspected of being.

Some companies in the area have wanted to salute her initiative in restoring the health staff with whom she works.

It is as well as 50 servings of macaroni and cheese were delivered to the nurses last week by the restaurant The Horse, based in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, whose owners are Patricia Paquin and Louis-Francois Marcotte. Other companies have followed, and employees of the hospital have received including chocolates, posters made by a painter and pockets of energy to the maple.

A family affair

Karine Harbour has launched a page on Facebook called “local Recognition of our first lines ” to collect the donations and give visibility to the companies involved. It has even made it a family affair, as her niece, her partner and her sons have put their hands to the dough.

“I can’t do everything, let’s not forget that I also work,” she said, laughing. I also make sure to disinfect everything before bringing donations to the hospital. ”

Until now, those who have received the gifts were very grateful.

Ms. Harbour also hope that when the crisis is over, his colleagues will take the time to discover more local businesses and, if possible, to encourage them to turn.

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