To replace the “flames of hell”: why the United States are increasing the production of missiles “air — land”

Washington continues to be guided by the idea of an arms race in developing its policy. So experts commented on the news that the Pentagon allocated funds for the modernization of production lines of missiles Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) increase the rate of their production by half. These munitions need to replace Hellfire missiles, standing on the armament of the American army since 1985. According to analysts, such actions say about the willingness of Washington to solve many problems that occur to him by force. At the same time, experts note that such weapons suitable only for fighting less technologically advanced adversary.

На смену «адскому пламени»: зачем США наращивают производство ракет класса «воздух — земля»

The missile of class “air — ground” Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) Flickr © Lockheed MartinВ U.S. Department of defense reported that doubling the rate of production of guided missiles class “air — ground” Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) Lockheed Martin. This is stated in the statement published on the website of the defense Ministry.

“Lockheed Martin (Orlando, Florida) was awarded a modification (P00084), increasing the price of the contract W31P4Q-15-C-0102 $15 547 894 for the purpose of upgrading the production line of missiles “air — land” JAGM and increasing the pace of monthly production of missiles with 50 to 100 units”, — stated in the message of the Pentagon.
It is also noted that the estimated completion date is March 30, 2022.

Joint Air-to-Ground Missile will replace the missile AGM-114 Hellfire, which is a basic aircraft weapon attack helicopters of the us army, including AH-64 Apache and unmanned aerial vehicles MQ-1 Predator. The baseline AGM-114 Hellfire is in service with the us army since 1985.

As stated in an interview with RT expert of the magazine “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Alex Levkov, increasing the number of missiles JAGM can say including about the US plans to put these munitions to other NATO countries.

“Most likely, the Joint Air-to-Ground Missile will be used not only by the U.S. army, but also partners in NATO, as after the London NATO summit it was announced on the increase in the defence budget of the unit,” — said the analyst.

На смену «адскому пламени»: зачем США наращивают производство ракет класса «воздух — земля»

The Pentagon AFP © SAUL LOEBСообщения that the United States army will soon have to adopt a missile Joint Air-to-Ground Missile, appeared in June 2018. Then, the American media reported that it began small-scale production of these weapons.

It was noted that the missile was developed on the basis of its predecessor Hellfire, but it is equipped with the updated combined homing system, which, according to the creators, allows JAGM effectively hit stationary and moving ground and Maritime objects, regardless of weather and visibility conditions.

It was also reported that before the start of production, the U.S. army conducted tests of JAGM for two years. In particular, in 2016, a missile launched from a drone Gray Eagle. In addition, this type of weapon was being tested on helicopters and airplanes.

На смену «адскому пламени»: зачем США наращивают производство ракет класса «воздух — земля»

American soldiers in Syria AFP © Delil SOULEIMAN

“To solve problems by force”

According to experts, the increase in the production of missiles JAGM — another sign that Washington is guided by the logic of the arms race. Edition of the Army Times, in particular, writes that the creation of a missile occurred on the background of the doubts of the American side in the efficiency of existing U.S. systems against the new developments of Russia and China in the field of protection of armored vehicles.

However Leonov believes that the US is unlikely to have developed JAGM for use in potential conflicts with countries such as Russia and China. The expert pointed out that such weapons systems are not able to overcome enemy air defenses.

“The Americans are making weapons, hoping that by the enemy is relatively weak resistance. Their weapons complexes suitable only for the conduct of colonial wars,” said Lenkov.

However, the Americans have been vigorously developing in other areas, analysts stress. So, two days ago, the United States conducted a missile test, which was previously prohibited by the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range.
“On Thursday, 12 December 2019, at 08:30 Pacific time (19:30 GMT. — RT) United States air force in conjunction with the Office of strategic options conducted a test launch of a prototype ballistic missiles, land-based conventional warheads from Vandenberg air force base in California,” reads the statement of the Pentagon.

The Ministry of defense also reported that the missile separated from the launcher and flying more than 500 km and fell into the ocean.

Similar maneuvers, the us military conducted in August. Then tested cruise missile land-based, non-nuclear island of San Nicolas (California).

In addition, experts point to another increase in the defense budget of the United States.

On 11 December the house of representatives of US Congress approved the defense budget for the year 2020 in the amount of $738 billion, which is 2.8% higher than a year earlier. Document that defines the policy of the Ministry of defense, involves the creation of Space forces. Donald trump has already said he would sign the document “immediately”, as soon as it is approved by the Senate. About this he wrote on Twitter.

На смену «адскому пламени»: зачем США наращивают производство ракет класса «воздух — земля»

Donald J. Trump✔@realDonaldTrumpWow! All of our priorities have made it into the final NDAA: Pay Raise for our Troops, Rebuilding our Military, Paid Parental Leave, Border Security, and Space Force! Congress – don’t delay this anymore! I will sign this historic legislation defense immediately!
The significant expansion of Washington’s missile JAGM and other US measures of militarization are “in the trend of the us arms race”, said in a conversation with RT military expert and retired Colonel Viktor Litovkin.

На смену «адскому пламени»: зачем США наращивают производство ракет класса «воздух — земля»

The President of the United States Donald trump Reuters © Carlos Barria”This suggests that the American side is preparing for the conduct of hostilities. This is also evidenced by the stationing of US troops in Europe and in the Persian Gulf. In addition, Washington is not going to leave Syria, American troops are in Iraq and Afghanistan,” he said.

All of these steps the United States is taking in order to have “the ability to solve emerging on their way out of the problem by force,” emphasizes military historian Boris Yulin in an interview with RT.

“Why Washington including ramping up production of weapons, diversifitsirovat it and modernizes an outdated version. For this purpose the White house out of contracts that restrict it in the military sphere,” — said the expert.Irina Taran, Alyona Medvedeva

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