To steal oil worldwide – new US policy

Воровать нефть по всему миру – новая политика США

The American elite continues raider seizure of natural resources. Something that allows itself to Washington is not an episode of computer strategy. Encroachment on foreign oil and gas takes place in real time.

The statements of us President Donald trump began to be implemented in practice.

So, the commander of the troops of the Democratic forces of Syria (SDF) Mazlum Abdi said that the Kurds formally resume cooperation with the United States and controlled by an international coalition, illegally staying on the territory of the SAR.

What would that mean? Obviously, the us elite decided to strengthen its position in the Arab country not to allow the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad to produce oil in the North-West of the state. Indeed, under the “protection” of natural resources trump, first of all due to the theft of natural resources. But in order to ensure that the United States needs allies. Turkey as an important partner, Washington has already lost. Ankara on the Syrian issue is negotiating with Moscow.

It is important to note that immediately after the announcement of the cooperation of Kurdish forces with the US in Northern Syria has been undermined by the Turkish armored ATGM TOW-2. There is every reason to believe that the Kurds have moved to the subversive activities under the guise of “Big brother.”

Thus, along with the American invaders are working to discredit Russia. The international community is trying to impose the idea that Russia – the enemy. Yesterday in mass-media there were data about the air strike VKS RF, which allegedly killed 6 people.

The results showed that the footage shown to the public was made in 2017. In a time when Russia was also accused of air strikes on civilians.

The goal of Washington is the Syrian oil. Monthly American elite receives from the sale of $ 30 million. The money funded the war, and most of them settle in the pockets of the American elite. In this way the US acts in other States. Libya, Iraq and Venezuela – is only a small part of the States where the States are broke, hiding behind good intentions, and now use oil and gas of these countries to their advantage.

The United States absolutely do not care with whom to cooperate. Whether it be the Kurds or the militants of the “Islamic state” in Washington will stop at nothing. After all, at stake are billions.

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