To strengthen its mental health

Muscler sa santé mentale

The confinement to the home may prove to be a fertile ground for psychological distress in this period of crisis. Lines now record a bond of 30 % of the requests for help. An increase that is, however, a view with a good eye by the director of the Movement for Mental Health Quebec.

“It is good, it means that people dare to call “, ” notes Renée Ouimet.

Since it is not known how long the confinement will last, nor whether the steps are all the more restrictive will be applied, it is better to be well prepared to take the blow.

To achieve this, and to avoid that problems do arise at the end of the isolation, it is necessary to build up his mental health, ” says Ms. Ouimet. Here are a few tips that it offers.

Create links

Use the technological means at your disposal to boost your social network distance. This will create a new solidarity, which will do you good.

Make a routine

It is important not to give in to the boredom of not having any schedule. If there is a family in confinement, it is better to share the supervision of the children between the two parents, a question that everyone can benefit from breaks.

Be able to embrace emotions

Recognize and accept the feelings that you invade can help you to cope with it. Are you in need of information, comfort, and respect ? Cultivate positive emotions will boost your smile. As for the negative emotions, we can write them on a piece of paper that we crumple to the start then to the end of his arm. This will have a liberating effect.

Give them a mission

It goes better through the trials when we feel useful. Call a loved one, give of her time to volunteer, do the grocery shopping for his neighbors elderly : a task can give a sense to your day.

Look after the spirit

You’ve always wanted to learn the guitar or speak a new language ? This is the time to get to it. Discover new positive things you will help keep up the morale.

Remember our forces

We can feel helpless in the face of the unknown. Make a list of your strengths and your skills can be greatly beneficial.

Not hide her fear

No need to play the superhero. It is normal to experience some insecurities, whether they are financial or health. Talk instead of burying it deep inside you.

Keep time for yourself

Always set aside a time daily to do something that we love or to relax. Take a foam bath, read, watch a tv series, go for a run, doing yoga are all activities that can help you relax.

For more information, the web capsules are available on the website

In the next few weeks, celebrities who have overcome long periods of solitude will share their advice.

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