To the encounter of the intimate, of the other and the largest

À la rencontre de l’intime, de l’autre et du plus grand

Kevin McCoy has dedicated 15 years to the creation of its triptych of migration consists of the parts Elsewhere, Norge , and The devisement of the world. A trilogy that will be presented for the first time in its entirety on February 22, Diamond.

The author, actor and stage director thought it would never, when he began to work on Elsewhere, his first creation, that she was to become the starting point of a large fresco in three parts.

“I was far from thinking that it would take this turn. It represents 15 years of my life “, dropped the one who lives in Quebec since 1996.


The triptych migration will be launched at 15 h with Elsewhere. A work created in 2006 that mixes documentary, drama, reality and fiction and tells, through a series of testimonies, the realities related to the fact to start her life over again elsewhere. This first part will also be played, outside of the triptych, on the 18th of February.

The room Norge, who is interested in the origins Norwegian actor, writer and director, had been presented to the Trident in 2015.

In Norge, which will follow at 17 h, the comedian born in Chicago investigates the origins in norway of his maternal grandmother. The second, presented at the Trident in 2015, will also be shown in a unique representation on the 19th of February.

The segment entitled The devisement of the world will then be in motion after a lunch break of 90 minutes.

This last part of the triptych will be presented first, in a first time, in a world premiere, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 20 February, the Diamond. The three creations can be viewed independently.

The devisement of the world has as its point of departure the relations father-son, inspired by the one between Kevin McCoy and his father, and unfolds through the travels of Marco Polo on the silk road.

A show with stops in Chicago, to Venice, Mongolia, and Quebec, where Louis Fortier and Sarangerel Tserenpil will accompany the creator on the boards.

“I tell my research on this historical character. A search that has been interrupted by the death of my father, ” explained the author.

Kevin McCoy has been initiated very young to travel and meetings.

“My father talked to me about the world and he handed me his curiosity. He had a thirst to know and learn. It went by documentaries and National Geographic. It is this that has given me the taste to travel and to go to meet people, ” he told.

Kevin McCoy is fascinated for a long time by Marco Polo.


“It is something, that it is true or not, that has opened my mind and my curiosity. I do theatre and I love stories “, he mentioned, in an interview early morning at the Diamond.

Kevin McCoy will be on the boards during: 5: 15 pm, February 22nd, when the full triptych of migration. It’s never been that long on the scene, except during a public rehearsal of The geometry of miracles, Ex Machina, there are a couple of years.

“This is the olympic games. I asked myself, in the fall, why I had decided to do it, and I wanted to go at the same time. I’m going to find it all before, and with the public “, he started, confident.

The devisement of the world is presented from 11 to 20 February in the Diamond. Also be displayed, on the 18th of February, and Norge, 19 February. The triptych of migration will be presented on 22 February.

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