To Ukraine was not allowed vantage, zarazeni tomato W Turissini

До України не пустили вантаж заражених томатів з Туреччини

Sovereign service of pitane of food products and food BEZPEKA TA Zahist spozhivachiv sapobla weselny on the territory of Ukraine part sarazena tomato W Turissini General the Vaga 23,5 Tony.

Zgidno s podolany press-service, professionals weavile th was stimuli saragano party tomato when proveden Fossano control miten punch the “B” in Odeska region. Product CCB infections pivdennoukrainska tomato mllw. Zaznachiti scho vantage, turned to the country of exporter, and for sapana podna most cases have Turechchinu otpravlyat notificy about nevaplast the Wantage ftorek imogam Ukraine.

Push stroke 2019 rock demirtzoglou not disposable professionals of was wiawso part sarazena tomato I otpravlyali h ago Cranham eksporterem, and in particular, to Turchini. For data Ukraïnskoï plodoovocheve Asian, Ukraine in Persha Polovin 2019 rock zbrisala import tomato by 15 percent to recordnig 55 thousand tons.

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