To voice their thoughts via the written!

Озвучивайте свои мысли по написанному!

There is a saying: “Power is — do not mind!”. What is its “deep” meaning, it hardly needs to be clarified. He is on the surface. However, there are Proverbs and not Proverbs only, but obvious examples showing just the opposite: that it is the mind, not brute force around the head.

This is a simple argument occurred as a response to the vociferous cries and lamentations, which caused the recent statement of the President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili perceived as almost a blood insult to the armed forces.

What said the head of the Georgian state?

It should be noted that Salome Zurabishvili — the lady is very careless in his statements. This is especially inexcusable when you consider that Georgia has formed a whole hordes of all sorts of “mongrels”, which almost specially told off to with a microscope in hand to trace every word spoken in the public space of the honourable Madam Salome, and then in the same public space open above it to make fun.

So all the same to the said Salome, as if to Express more precisely what she wanted to say but never said, and what “cherished” words that change the whole meaning of it said, I forgot to say?

Not going to think of riddles and I will say straight away. These words: “Powerful”, “Invincible”, “Crushing” and so on in the same spirit — synonyms can pick up by yourself.

So: the phrase was going to say, but did not say Madam Zurabishvili, was supposed to be:

“We have not and will not (POWERFUL, INVINCIBLE is one of those words was supposed to be in this context, but was not delivered) army, no (a POWERFUL, DEVASTATING — none of these words also has not been announced) weapons, there is no such great economic potential to quickly capture .. region (?), but we have a huge, very powerful weapon called knowledge, science, and culture,” Zurabishvili said at a meeting with scientists and workers of culture in Tbilisi.

See: inserted two words: “powerful”, “overwhelming” , but what a resounding effect!

And correct: neither American nor Russian nor Chinese armies in its power, and especially the availability of weapons to the Georgian army in the near future just will not be. But the efforts of its talented scientists, figures of culture and sport could, with due attention from the state to surpass many. What’s so surprising? And why throw a tantrum?!


Wanted to say one thing, another popped up: “Georgia, they say, no army, no weapons…”.

In short, if not to take into account the little understood phrase of the President, illustrating her desire to”capture … the region” (what region, for what purpose?), easy to install, without named “treasured” words the meaning of a presidential speech changes radically.

So it was said. You can call it whatever you like: error, reservation…

Of course. there were kind people who tried to explain the unfortunate speech of the President that was born in a family of Georgian immigrants in France, she is not fluent in the Georgian language. However, to avoid the wave of criticism failed.

Members of the opposition movement “Lelo”, founded by the banker of Mamuka Khazaradze, defiantly gathered in Central Tbilisi at the Memorial of heroes fallen in the battles for Georgia’s territorial integrity (which, in ordinary days they are going, by the way, is not very often), laid wreaths on his pedestal… and in the tone of an ultimatum demanded that defense Minister Irakli Garibashvili comments on the statement Zurabishvili. It looked like some kind of invitation to satisfaction: “To the barrier, sir!”. Well not it funny?

No kerf, apparently, in comic situation, defense Minister Irakli Garibashvili has responded to this requirement laudatory paean in defense of the armed forces:

“The Georgian army is strong and we have military heroes – what I want to say to the President of Georgia. Of course, statements such content on the part of the commander-in-chief of Georgia is absolutely unacceptable…”

And further:

“As defence Minister I want to say that our military are citizens, proud country, and we will do everything to make the Georgian army became even stronger,” – said Garibashvili.

Who doubts this?!

Do not hesitate to use the “puncture” of the President one of the latter-day opposition – Aleko Elisashvili:

“I am leading “a Civil movement” we demand that the post of the President and commander in chief, and really is a huge shame of the country, publicly apologized to the people and the armed forces of Georgia”, — beats his breast implacable Mr. Aleko. In both!

However, outdid all the ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili has already decided to sing the bored song that the current President of Georgia – a secret agent of the Kremlin. In his opinion, Salome Zurabishvili neither more – nor less — “voiced a position of Russia” and its “insulting words” to the army of Georgia is “the revenge of the Russian army during the 13 or 14 military aircraft shot down during the war of 2008”. Mikhail Saakashvili did not fail to remind you that the number of “aircraft” Russian armed forces “had not lost since the Afghan war.” Agreed Mishiko and with the thesis that Georgia has a “no weapons”. He did not miss the opportunity to boast that in his reign the Georgian military-industrial complex “began to produce great weapons,” including high-tech grenade with a silencer and BMP “Didgori”.

And what advisers Salome Zurabishvili?

“The words of the President of Georgia once again distorted and disseminated the out of context interpretation”, — lamented the authors of the statement on the website of the presidential administration.

And further:

“The President’s speech at the event was dedicated to the national ideology of Georgia, culture, strengthening of science and implied a desire to help our culture take an important place in the world. It is in this understanding with culture we can conquer the world (Again, to win! PAH-PAH-PAH. What to do with these homegrown conquerors?!- V. A.). The President again stated that this is in no way related to the defence Forces of Georgia and does not diminish their dignity,” – said in the same statement.

One of the great Russian Emperor Peter the great is credited with the words “Point: gentlemen senators speech in the presence of to keep verbally not written, that all the crap of each was visible”.

Well, the rule of good!

But, as they say knowledgeable people to focus on Peter our salomé in this sense does not necessarily, even though he was King, i.e., was also once head of state.

Since it is well known: there is no rule would have exceptions.

Moreover, the position occupied by Mrs. Zourabichvili, qualifies her for such exceptions, at least at first presidential term.

So voice your speech-it says, Madam President.

So it will be better!

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