To wear or not to wear sunglasses in the winter?

“Frost and sun” is a phrase from a poem of a Russian classic as relevant as ever in our long lasting cold.

Носити чи не носити сонцезахисні окуляри взимку?

Logic stubbornly insists that sunglasses in winter, at least pointless and not needed. Indeed, we do not spend the winter months on the ocean, where even in winter sunglasses will be most welcome. In addition, in the difficult struggle “for” and “against” ubiquitous takes the opinions of others and fear of being misunderstood by those most “ubiquitous” of all. I think many people remember the conventional wisdom that the dark glasses are only those who have something to hide (e.g., the stormy night), informs Rus.Media.

Fashion verdict

As for the opinion of fashion experts, it’s simple. Sunglasses, correctly inscribed in the image will be the perfect outfit and the best proof of your ability to combine and mix things together. Gigi and Bella Hadid, Victoria Beckham, Olivia Palermo, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and lots of other beauties have long made sunglasses his best friend. Do not lag behind overseas counterparts and our stars.

The opinion of a specialist

Ophthalmologists hands and feet are for wearing sunglasses in the winter time. And confirm their arguments strong arguments.

First, the glare from the snow and ice have a negative impact on the health of our eyes, which ultimately can lead to the deterioration of visual acuity. Second, the rare rays of the sun although useful in small quantities but still pose a harm much greater. Ultraviolet radiation because of damage to the cornea directly affects the development of such unpleasant diseases such as cataracts. Third, winter is not only snow-white snow and frost, but also wind, dust and dirt, invisible particles deposited on the cornea. You know, what we do? That’s right: it glasses will save your eyes from the “charms” of urban life and help to maintain visual acuity and for their natural beauty.

To wear or not to wear sunglasses – a matter of habit and a matter of taste.