To your masks!: caution with the models purchased online

À vos masques!: prudence avec les modèles achetés en ligne

Specialists and the ministry of Health is launching a call for caution on the purchase of masks online or on classifieds sites.

The offerings cover face for sale abound on the web since the beginning of the crisis, but the turn of the government on the wearing of the mask at risk of exploding. And these are not always reliable, ” warns the ministry.

“There are currently in circulation, many false masks of protection,” insists Robert Maranda, spokesman for the ministry of Health urges caution in the online purchases.

These products that claim to comply with standards can thus be counterfeits or imitations, despite the fact that it is sold at great prices.

Don’t waste your money


À vos masques!: prudence avec les modèles achetés en ligne

Dr. Caroline Quach
Microbiologist-infectiologist and epidemiologist

“There are chinese companies who send N95 and when we test here, what are not. Even if it says certified, it is very difficult to know if the certification is true or not, ” says Dr. Caroline Quach, microbiologist-infectiologist and epidemiologist.

“It is especially necessary to ensure the authenticity of the mask in relation to its manufacturing,” says Mr. Maranda.

But Dr. Quach goes even further. For her, it would be completely useless to spend on a mask certified sold online or on Kijiji for the use that the general public will.

“Me, honestly, I would direct my money to try to get one of these N95, I’d be a fabric mask, cotton, just,” says the specialist, responsible of the unit for the prevention and control of infections of the CHU Sainte-Justine.

The fabric sufficient

She recalls that the cloth mask is perfectly suitable for the use of monsieur and madame Tout-le-Monde since it is used more to protect others than oneself.

“It is to stop the droplets that come out of our mouth. Wear a N95 would be counter-productive because it does not filter to the output, it protects only the wearer of microdroplets that would be in the air. Look for a N95 not worth it so not worth it, ” says Dr. Quach.

It deplores the fact, finally, that ” people are taking advantage of the panic and fear of all “.

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