To your masks!: Quebecers ready to wear

À vos masques!: les Québécois prêts à le porter

Even if they believe for the most that the mask could not protect them from disease coronavirus, 7 Quebec 10 are willing to wear one when they leave their homes.

It is the conclusion of a survey by express made on 21 April by the firm Leger. The pollster has asked 501 Quebecers whether they felt that wearing a mask could protect them from the COVID-19.

A narrow majority believes that this tool is not able to protect themselves against the contagious virus. In fact, 52 % answered no to this question.

In the waiting guidelines

In contrast, nearly three-quarters of the respondents indicated that they were ready to wear when they venture outside of their home.

According to the president of Léger, Jean-Marc Léger, it is a significant number.

“The people are ready. They are awaiting instructions. “Yesterday, the national director of public Health, Horacio Arruda, recommended that the wearing of the mask when the maintenance of the distance of 2 m is not possible, but reiterated that” it does not protect you “.

After months of messages hammered on the dangerousness of the disease, people are afraid.

À vos masques!: les Québécois prêts à le porter

Jean-Marc Léger
President of Light

“There is a fear of leaving the house, to go to the grocery store, go outside. So people are looking for solutions. […] There is a very psychological behind it. People feel powerless against the virus, ” he says.

It must therefore be used, warns the sounder. “This is all new, the phenomenon of the mask. […] Currently, it is a person of the eight who wears it in Quebec. But it’s going to significantly increase. People will get used to it over the next few weeks. We will see more and more masks, everywhere. ”

Women, seniors, and Montreal

“There are three constituencies, particularly, that are ready to wear the mask. Women, older people and the Montreal-based “, also reveals Mr. Light.

We note, however, a contradiction, since the authorities have been saying for weeks that the mask does not guarantee protection.

At most, protects it the other if one carries it and it has symptoms. Still, 4 out of 10 people believe that the mask can protect them.

“The mask is accompanied by the instructions that are given. But at times, it can give a false security to the person who wears it, ” said Mr. Léger.

Among Quebecers who believe themselves protected by wearing the mask, an overwhelming majority say they are ready to wear it, or 91 %.

The results of the survey

Are you ready to wear a mask to protect you from the COVID-19 when you walk out of the house ?

Yes : 69 %

Not : 25 %

Don’t know : 6 %

Do you believe that wearing a mask protects you from the virus COVID-19 ?

Yes : 39 %

No : 52 %

Don’t know : 9 %


76 % of women

76 % of people aged 55 years and over

75 % of Montrealers


Web poll April 21, at 501 Quebec, aged 18 years or older, recruited randomly from an online panel. Using data from the 2016 census, the results have been statistically weighted according to age, sex, native language and region to ensure a representative sample of the population. A margin of error cannot be associated with a nonprobability sample drawn in this case of a web panel. For comparison purposes, a probability sample of 501 respondents would have a margin of error of 4.38 per cent, 19 times out of 20. Light points out that ” the results presented in this study are consistent with the standards of public opinion research and the disclosure requirements of the Council of research and marketing intelligence in canada “.

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