Today is the international day of human rights protection

Сегодня – Международный день защиты прав человека

On 10 December the international community celebrates the anniversary of the universal Declaration of human rights.

This document was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 10 December 1948, and officially the international human rights day is celebrated since 1950. The universal Declaration of human rights has become a common norm to which should aspire to the peoples of all countries, taking into account that this document is essentially a major step forward in human progress.

The Declaration proclaims the rights of the individual, civil and political rights and freedoms: the equality of all before the law, the right of everyone to liberty and security of person, freedom of conscience, and others. In the document, in particular, declared that all people have equal rights, regardless of their personal differences and differences in political systems of their countries.

In Belarus, according to the human rights situation human rights over the past year has considerably worsened.

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