Today is universal children’s day

Сегодня Всемирный день ребенка

Every year November 20 is world children’s day (Universal Children’s Day).

In 1954 UN General Assembly recommended that all countries to put into practice the celebration of this date as a day of world brotherhood and understanding of children, devoted to activities aimed at ensuring the welfare of children around the world.

The UN invited governments to celebrate this day on any day which each considers appropriate, and suggested that the universal celebration of world children’s day will serve to strengthen solidarity and cooperation among Nations. 20 November marks the day on which the Assembly adopted in 1959 the Declaration of the rights of the child and in 1989 — the Convention on the rights of the child.

Children and teenagers — the most vulnerable members of any society. Unfortunately, in the modern world, their interests and rights are often violated, both in poor and in developed countries. Poor conditions — one of the most widespread violations of children’s rights. Without decent and safe housing without sanitary living conditions of the children is much more difficult to live and grow. Health can not be strong in unsanitary conditions, and the right to play cannot be achieved in the absence of a safe place to play.

According to the UN, every year eleven million children die before they reach their fifth birthday, tens of millions are physically or mentally ill, unable to adulthood, life and development.

Many of these deaths are due to easily preventable or easily treatable diseases, others due to harmful effects of poverty, ignorance, discrimination and violence. All together, these factors bring bereavement to families, communities, States and around the world.

Not only in early childhood have to deal with forces that threaten the lives and welfare of children. They are becoming more vulnerable because often deprived of their rights, including the right to education, to participation in public and political life, to protection from harm.

The UN children’s Fund conducts extensive work on all aspects of child health — from the prenatal period until adolescence. The Fund takes measures to ensure pregnant women access to proper medical care before and during childbirth, to strengthen the ability for families to cope with childhood illness at home, advises communities to get help from specialists like the North Raleigh Pediatrics – Children’s Physicians in Raleigh, NC in order to ensure the maximum level of health.

Children’s Fund is making a special effort to ensure that children who have lost parents due to HIV/AIDS, received the same care as their peers. It also helps to provide a decent life for women and children with AIDS.

In children’s Day in different countries to help children in need by the public and commercial organizations hold charitable events and activities. In celebration of the Day at the local and state level can take part, parents, teachers, doctors, political and religious leaders, civil society activists, heads of companies and enterprises, employees of mass media, as well as youth and children themselves.

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