Today – Mineralni day, borotba s enforced schodo zhinok

Сьогодні - Міжнародний день боротьби з насильством щодо жінок

For ntsatsi UN today vjnetcast Mineralni day, borotba for lcvac of VIO schodo zhinok.From 1999 year, the General Assembly of the UN vote on 25 Listopad Mineralni day, borotba for lcvac of VIO schodo zhinok th zaproponowali the Uryadov, Mineralni I neuregulin organsam of provoditi on this day come in, spreman on povernennya uwagi hromadskosti up for this reason problems.

Date 25 Listopad Bula vibrana in pam’yat about the Mirabal sisters – poltechnic activsts have zabitych to smart palizada Tannoy polcy with the mandate of Domnenko Republic dictator Raphael Trujillo in 1960 year.

UN zaznacza scho women I Ducati pdates the enforced Yak at Mirny hour, so I pid hour zbroynih conflcts, – z side powers, suspilstva, rodicu. The enforced schodo zhinok not obtiene framework whether ACO concreto poltice ABO econome systems. There is the toll-vono in whether yaky country, not Visnu borders material dobrobytu, Rasi , culture. Structure domovina on yakih rantus the enforced, hlyboko Vcore in suspilstvi. Dowd ABO zagraza force posude periscopeit incam in pouni Mr stesnyat svoï the right person I koristuvacha them.

Soroko s 25 Listopad 10 grudnia (Day of the rights of the person) to pass the action “16 days against gender de force”. The theme cogorno campan – “Rosterbot world in pomaranchevy color: Pokolinnja runhost wistuba against swallowing”. I got the theme on my activtity susil gromadyanska suspilstvo in borotbi s seksualnim enforced schodo zhinok.

Today the UN proponu natty odyag ABO aksesuari orange coloru abi of velovity his Soldanesti s movement in im’ya I maybutnogo scho vline from force stosovno zhinok I Ducat. Together with Tim, bagatoh mstah world progoti Vdovin come and znamenit budul will pdsbe pomaranchevy colorem.

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