Today nabob cinnost the law about SMN to the regulations For

Сьогодні набув чинності закон про зміни до регламенту Ради

The law “About mix application rate changes to article 116 of the Regulations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine about requirements to propositions that amendments to the bill, that gotta to another citanna” on Saturday, 19 Zhovtnya, nabob cinnost.

Proposes the first amendment to the bill, that gotta to another citanna, mozhut inositola lachey before the text of the bill (rosdev, chapters, articles, h Chastain, punctu, PDUNV, absatz, recent), that priynyati BP as a basis.

Zgidno s law, head comtet, Yak linatoc, Mauger versity take to uwagi vnesen proposes the amendments vibralign, utochneny, usunennya poselok I/ABO supereconomy have text bill Chastain NSA of the bill and/or nsic of zakonodaja ACTV scho no boules subject to rozpadu to pershoho Citan. Also, guilty Buti ukazana neophane CIR mix application rate of amendments from visnovka head komatu is found and/or expert Parastu aparata I ogoloshen of the Verkhovna Rada at the plenary holovousy Sadan when rozhled such a bill in the pershoho Citan.

The law nabua cinnost s day by day nastupnogo Yogo publin.

Nagado, Selenski Papisov the law about concesio.