Today the Bible is translated into almost 700 languages

На сегодня Библия полностью переведена почти на 700 языков

International translation company reports that a complete translation of the Bible made nearly 700 languages, and the New Testament translated into more than 1.5 thousand languages, and in General the works are in 161 countries on 2 617 different languages.

На сегодня Библия полностью переведена почти на 700 языков

In its latest report the international charitable organization “the translators of the Bible of Wycliffe” (Wycliffe Bible Translators) with headquarters at the University of Dallas (Texas, USA) report that the Bible in 2019 fully translated languages already on 698 of the world, and in 2018 they were 683. Shelf partial translations of the great books a lot more – so, the New Testament last year there was 1 534 languages of the world, and this year, their list reached 1 548 languages. While partial translations of the Bible exist today 1 138 languages – in comparison with 1 133 languages in the past year, reports the Christian megaportal, with reference to the Week and Christian Today.

In the report “the Translators of the Bible of Wycliffe” indicates that at the present time the organization continues to actively work on translations of the Bible into 2 languages 617 light in 161 countries, and approximately three-quarters of this work is done directly by employees of this charity organization or its partner firm SIL.

Peter Brassington (Peter Brassington), translation statistics of charity organization, said that these figures are encouraging and inspire further work.

“It’s uplifting figures, they demonstrate a tremendous amount of work carried out by our teams of translators around the world, stressed Brassington. Even the increase for the year to someone and seem too impressive, but we must understand that Bible translation requires a dedicated, painstaking and long effort, and the translations have been completed in our days, began many years ago. Personally, I joined the team of translators Wycliffe in 1996, and the number of languages for which full translations of the Bible, this time, in fact doubled”.

He was echoed by James Poole (James Poole), Executive Director of the Wycliffe translators. “We do not get tired to surprise and delight each edition of the New Testament or the Bible in a new language, noted Poole. – When people get the opportunity to take these Holy books in their native language, this is for them and us. Over the past 12 months, we have seen firsthand the great joy and excitement co-religionists in the presentation of the New Testament in the languages calico, Mimi and gakusi, and once again proved what a great value is Holy Scripture in their native language. When people have the opportunity to read God’s Word with a full and deep understanding, it affects them much stronger and at a deeper level.”

Despite the progress in transfers, there was still a long and hard way, before there’s full translations of the Bible into all languages of the world – in fact, according to the testimony of the translators of the Bible of Wycliffe, the number of living languages, including sign languages, reaches 7 353 worldwide.

Although the Bible today is translated separate large and small parts for 3 384 language in the world there are still 3 969 of the languages not yet translated a single line of the Holy Scriptures, although they say $ 252 million.

“According to our statistics, we still have a lot of work,’ said Poole. – Almost 1.5 billion people do not have access to the Bible in their native language, who understand best – and that one in five people in the world. That’s why Bible translators Wycliffe, persevere and to work on translations of God’s Word in these languages”.

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